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Bill O'Reilly says Jack Bauer reminds him of himself.......um, sure thing, Bill'O

So, apparently last night on the O'Reilly Factor, Bill'O decided to rip on Jeanine Garafalo, and ended up making himself look a little ridiculous.  I know, I know....what else is new?

Okay, first thing is, the part where he mentions she called the Tea Party people "racists", she didn't appear on NBC News, she appeared on MSNBC News (with Keith Olbermann on Countdown, but there was no way he was going to mention You-Know-Who.)  The fact that Bill'O can't get the network reference right seems to be a continuing trend with him.

Second thing is, if you've actually been following the show, you would realize very quickly that the reason Jack Bauer went off on Garafalo's character Janice was because the character has been infected by a biotoxin, and is basically going off the deep end.  The reason you know he's not entirely coherent is that he's ranting about President David Palmer......someone who is no longer the President within the storyline, and hasn't been for a couple of Presidents now.

Third thing is, O'Reilly finishes the clip by saying, "Bauer reminds me of me."  Really Bill?  You're the victim of a bio-toxin who can't remember the name of the current President??  Wow.....that explains a lot.  No, really.

Lastly, Bill'O goes on to say about how 24's ratings would go through the roof if they waterboarded Garafalo.  Stay classy, Bill'O.

Clip is courtesy of Media Matters

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