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Did the Mormons baptize Obama's mother, after her death, without his knowledge or consent?

Did the Mormons baptize Obama's mother, after her death, without his knowledge or consent?

A reader sent me a tip about this last week. But it's a sensitive topic, sure to cause the President some anguish, so I waited until I could find more information. I now have more information. And what I have is troubling.

A reader contacted me last week, saying that last year, in the heat of the presidential campaign, the Mormons had posthumously baptized Barack Obama's mother, Stanley Ann Dunham. Baptizing the dead of other faith's, secretly and without the consent of their families, is a common Mormon practice. For the past fifteen years the Mormons have caused quite a stir by forcibly baptizing Jewish Holocaust victims - in other words, converting them to Mormonism - despite strong objections from the Jewish community.

Thus, it's hardly a stretch to imagine the Mormons' doing this to Obama's mother. Still, I had no proof. Then yesterday, I received a document. It's allegedly a screen capture of the registration-only section of the Mormon-run Web site, FamilySearch.org. In that screen capture, excerpted above, is clearly the name and correct date of birth and death of Barack Obama's mother (Stanley Ann Dunham, born 29 Nov 1942 in Kansas, died 07 Nov 1995) and the date of her alleged post-death baptism by the Mormons.

Is the document real? I went to the FamilySearch.org Web site and typed in "Stanley Ann Dunham." And while the baptismal records are behind a registration-only firewall, I got 22 hits for Stanley Ann Dunham who died in 1995.

I clicked around the various hits, and it was clear the records were for President Obama's mother. In at least one result, for example, it lists her husband as Barack Hussein Obama. And in this record they list both of Obama's mother's husbands:

Still, it was possible that these hits were just coming from non-Mormon databases, such as the Social Security death index. That's when I saw one return that was particularly interesting - it was from the "IGI/North America" database. That's the Mormons' own geneological database.

Here is what the Mormons' own database has publicly available on President Obama's mother.

Note that while there is nothing entered in the field "Christening," in the full document I received, the actual Mormon baptismal date is listed in another section, entitled LDS Ordinances - one that is not listed on the public form.

They also have Obama's father in their public database (I'm told he has not been baptized, but someone with access to the private database would need to confirm this).

So we know that the Mormons do in fact have President Obama's mother in their public database. We know that the Mormons have a policy of baptizing into the Mormon faith, without consent, every single person who dies on the planet. And we have a non-public document that mirrors the public documents to a T, and which says that the Mormons baptized President Obama's mother on June 4, 2008 - in the middle of the presidential race.

Reach your own conclusions.

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