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Michael Savage thinks "Talk of the Nation" is his show; Neal Conan shuts him DOWN.

British Home Secretary Jaqui Smith recently barred right-wing radio talk show host Michael Savage and others from entering the U.K. for fear that their rhetoric would incite violence.  Smith was quoted as saying, "I don’t think free speech should be a license for people to preach or to promote hatred or to exhort other people actually to carry out criminal acts."

Yesterday, Neal Conan, host of NPR's "Talk of the Nation," interviewed (or at least tried to) Savage about the situation.  Savage basically appropriated the show and started ranting and misconstruing neutral statements made by Conan. Then, as usual, Neal Conan opened up the discussion to listeners, inviting them to call in.  What happened next...was awesome.

CONAN: Let’s see if we get a caller in on the line. 800-989-8255, email: Our guest is Michael Savage, the host of “Savage Nation,” learned earlier today that he’d been banned from entering the United Kingdom.

Jeffrey is on the air. Jeffrey is calling from Des Moines, Iowa.

JEFFREY (Caller): If you listen to Michael Savage - if every time he says Islam or Muslim, you insert either Jew or Christian, he would be off the air in one day. I’ve had…

Mr. SAVAGE: Wait! I don’t want to listen to this foaming lunatic. I came on the air to give you my opinion, not to listen to someone in pajamas in a mental asylum in Iowa. So if…

(Sound of laughter)

JEFFREY: You know…

Mr. SAVAGE: No, no, you listen to me. You’re a nobody!

JEFFREY: (Unintelligible)

CONAN: Michael Savage?

Mr. SAVAGE: You’re nobody and I’m not going to talk to you!

Now, Neal, if you’d like to continue the discussion, I’ll do so. Otherwise, I have more important things to do than talk to someone in pajamas in an institution in Iowa.

CONAN: Then go do them, please.

Mr. SAVAGE: Thank you. (click)

I just did an all-nighter, and I replayed this maybe 5 or 6 times throughout the night just because it makes me all warm and fuzzy.

Source: First saw this on, then followed his link to and got the transcript from here:

You can listen to the exchange by clicking on the link on this page:
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