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Lobbyist Tim Gunn charms the Hill. Makes congress swoon.

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Tim Gunn, on the Hill, just met with Rep. Lamar Smith

"Project Runway" star Tim Gunn, was just in the Rayburn cafeteria eating breakfast, low-key style, with Leanne Marshall (Season 5 winner of the show.) The two are lobbying Congress about intellectual property rights legislation, we're told and were prepping for long day of hearings.

Upon seeing Tim Gunn, several staffers "immediately took pictures" despite their "almost made it to work" attire. (That means sub-par.) "They were very down to earth and fun. We chatted about the legislation, and it's moments like today that make working in Congress exciting," our spy revealed.

What'd they wear? "Gunn rocked his usual smart suit and tie, while Leanne looked stylish in what was likely her own design - a blue petaled skirt, flowing black military jacket, and white zippered shirt."

UPDATE: Gunn just met with Rep. Lamar Smith's office (both personal and Judiciary Committee staff). He gave He even told the Congressman: "You look great!"

Then, Smith lined up his staff and had Gunn provide notes of wisdom, wardrobe-wise.

The staff fared pretty well. "Small tweaks" were made - a shorter skirt was one - and the congressman replied, "two inches?!" in shock. Gunn replied, "no just one." Another lucky female staffer was complimented on her grey skirt and sweater paired with a light brown belt. Gunn said, "this outfit is all about the belt and it works."

However, not everyone could receive high marks. One female staffer, sadly, was wearing capris and was told they are out of style. A male staffer was scolded and told to buy a properly fitting suit jacket. (Tsk!)

Gunn was pleasantly surprised over the well-dressed Hill staff and encouraged them to help spread the word about protecting designer rights.


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