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Pajamas TV Finds It Necessary To Torture, With This Video

Pajamas TV Finds It Necessary To Torture, With This Video

Oh look, an instant classic. This is exactly how the Rolling Stones predicted their song would be bastardized forty years later, by Pajamas TV, with a random black Internet actor playing the bus-driving African president of America whose first instinct is to make jokes about his recently deceased white Kansan grandmother and, a couple minutes later, sing “But when Rush Limbaugh calls them out/He’s demonized like he’s the one who wrote it,” defending the right-wing radio Republican president’s glorification of a song called “Barack the Magic Negro.” Well at least “Negro” would make sense to them, since that is what they called black people forty years ago.

Too Much, Magic Bus

PajamasTV hasn’t really been in the news since it hired Sam “Joe the Plumber” Wurzelbacher to report on the war in Gaza, but it’s still kicking. Some of its most popular content is coming from black conservative comic Alphonzo Rachel, who sometimes appears as “President Zobama.” He’s put together a music video that is mostly notable for the way it captures the little memes and stories that have been forgotten outside of the deep conservative base.

A little decoding: it is considered noteworthy, and hilarious, that President Obama dispatches political allies who become a problem to him. Indeed, this is pretty strange and no politician has done it before. But since the cliche “throwing [person or thing] under the bus” took hold, conservatives have applied it to anyone that Obama apparently distanced him from, ever.

• The video begins with Rachel running over a TV image of “my white grandmama,” whom conservatives believe was “thrown under the bus” in Obama’s speech on race when he talked about her admitted uneasiness among black men.

• The reference to the “brother in a shack” is to George Obama, the president’s half brother, who lives in Nairobi.

• The lyric about the “magic negro” story is sort of garbled — Rachel says the “New York Times called” Obama that, but it was black critic David Edelstein Ehrenstein in The Los Angeles Times. Rachel jokes that Rush Limbaugh was pilloried for citing the comment, but it didn’t really become an issue until Republican National Committee chairman candidate Chip Saltsman sent around a CD of parody songs including “Barack the Magic Negro,” sung by an Al Sharpton impersonator.

Anyway, that’s the state of PajamasTV at the moment.
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