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Sri Lanka : A Paradise turned into Kingdom of Vultures!

Land that was known for beautiful beaches and waterfalls has now been turned into a Kingdom of Vultures.

Dead bodies of of the innocent Tamils are dragged away by stray dogs and wild beasts while the survivors hide inside the bunkers.

Let the dead bury the dead as the living will be dead if they try to bury the dead. Screams of the innocents can't be heard to the far away lands because the rulers of Sri Lanka are not even allowing the birds in the sky to carry the messages to the lands of the living.

*Picture From Boston Globe (there is more)

Mothers cuddle their crying babies and hide in the bunkers all day long. Starving mothers don't have anything to give for their children. Frightened parents wipe their tears and pretend to be strong in order to comfort their children who are tormented by the demons of war.

Food and medicine are denied for the innocents and many of them are forced into starvation.

Most of the wounded are let to die in the open fields. Those who are fortunate enough to make to the make shift hospitals have their limbs amputated without anaesthesia. Caesarian operations are carried out without pain relievers.

Chinese F7s and Russian MIG fighters fly over the skies of Vanni continuously and they regularly bomb hospitals,schools, churches and orphanages. Cluster bombs and phosphorous bombs are used against innocent Tamil civilians.

Children are dying in front of their parents and the parents are dying in front of their children. Many of the dead have nobody to mourn for them. More than eight thousand innocent Tamils have been killed just within the last three months.

Tamils are now left with nothing. All their homes and farm lands have been made into grave yards. Many families have lost their loved ones. Thousands of orphans and widows are longing for death than suffering from hunger and untreated wounds in the killing fields of Sri Lanka. They have no more comforters left to comfort the victims.

Destruction came upon the Tamils suddenly

People of Vanni in the Northern part of Sri Lanka once had their barns full of grains, children played in the parks and on beautiful golden beaches, fishermen went to the seas, farmers went to their farms and the mothers worked hard at homes. They had the money, resources more than enough even to send their children abroad for education. They were neither prisoners nor hostages.

All came to an end when the Buddhist Sinhala rulers of the country decided to destroy the lives of the minority Tamils in the disguise of “War on Terror”.

As part of the so called deceptive humanitarian and rescue operation, Sri Lankan forces surrounded an area that is almost two times bigger than Singapore, bombed and destroyed all the hospitals, schools, orphanages and homes in this prosperous land that was once flowing with milk and honey.

They destroyed farms, fruit trees and the cattle belonging to the people who have lived there for years. They dropped cluster bombs and killed so many thousands of innocent people including children, women and old people.

They have forced people into starvation and made them to live in tents and bunkers for months. All this is according to them for just to catch or kill few hundreds LTTE fighters that were living among more than three hundred thousands of innocent Tamil civilians.

Brilliant exposé-- Read the rest at: http://my.telegraph.co.uk/chandradavid

In actual news:

"Artillery shells hit a makeshift hospital in Sri Lanka's northern war zone yesterday, killing at least 64 civilians, according to a government doctor and a website linked to the Tamil Tiger separatists, amid growing international pressure to safeguard thousands of civilians trapped in the area."

Read more: here

"COLOMBO (AFP) — Sri Lanka on Sunday severely criticised Western nations for calling for a ceasefire that would end its military offensive against the Tamil Tiger rebels before a complete victory has been secured. The rebels asked Britain and France to broker a truce, but the government has vowed to fight on until the guerrillas, who have been campaigning for an independent Tamil homeland for 37 years, have been crushed.

International concern has focused on the fate of 50,000 civilians thought to be trapped inside the last patch of territory held by the Tigers, and 100,000 people held in government camps after fleeing the fighting."

Read more: here

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FYI. There are tons of protests going on right now, if you can look up on facebook and go to one near you, a little more pressure might break the camel's back.
Update: From mzflux You can also donate to MSF/Doctors without Borders who are working with Sri Lankan internal refugees right now http://www.doctorswithoutborders.org/ .
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