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DC Anchor to outing blogger: I would like to 'give you a punch across the face.'

Activist and blogger Michael Rogers is calling on a television show talk host to apologize on air for threatening to "punch" him because he disagreed with Rogers' take on the issue of outing, as well as a written apology.

"I've been in some pretty lively debates, including ones with Sean Hannity and Bill O'Reilly," Rogers said. "I've never been treated like this on air by anyone."

Rogers continued, "I am demanding that Mr. Mckelway issue an on air and written apology for his treatment of me."

Rogers was a guest on the D.C. show Let's Talk Live on Wednesday discussing the film Outrage-- in which he appears. The film, directed by Kirby Dick, explores the controversial idea of outing-- or disclosing the sexual orientation of persons who work against the LBGT community, while actively seeking same-sex sexual activity. Rogers says it is an issue of hypocrisy; Mckelway says it's an issue of privacy.

During the debate, Rogers accused Mckelway of believing that being gay was something bad.

Mckelway demanded Rogers retract his statement, then pointed his finger at Rogers. A transcript of the exchange follows:

Mckelway: I'm about ready to do a lot more than point my finger at you

Rogers: what would that be?

Mckelway: I, er, I will take you outside and give you a punch across the face because that is not what I said and that is not what I mean.

Calls to News Channel 8 and the Let's Talk Live! segment producer seeking comment were not returned.

Rogers says the situation with Mckelway is more than just a casual, passing statement in the heat of the moment.

"Mckelway's use of threatened violence is another indication of how far the LGBT community has yet to go to be safe in America. Had this been any other minority in America, Mckelway would never have felt that threatened violence was acceptable. And even if he had, he would not longer have a job," Rogers said. "This is why it's important for the elected leaders of this country begin making progress towards treating gay people equally under the law. Otherwise, people like Doug Mckelway feel perfectly comfortable abandoning professional ethics and threatening a gay man over a simple disagreement in philosophy."

The anchor threatens to punch him about 2:40 minutes into the video.

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