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White House Correspondence Dinner: live.



- Speaking portion(s) begins @ approx. 9:40 ET.
- Michelle Obama speaks @ approx. 9:50 ET
- Obama speaks at approx. 10:10 ET.
- Comedienne Wanda Sykes entertains @ approx. 10:25 ET.

Live streams:

The Obamas strode out of their holding area at 8:15 making their way through the dais line -- Helen Thomas, the AP's Jennifer Loven and, of course, Mikey.

Michelle Obama is wearing a pink sleeveless dress, which I should probably know more details about.

Obama is deep in conversation with Loven (who just announced the dinner committee had scrapped dessert to send an additional $13,000 to charity).

He just rejected a dinner roll, with a "No thanks, I'm good."

By Glenn Thrush 08:28 PM

POLITICO: brining the lulz with their blog-fu. You can follow their inane minute-by-minute commentary here @ DinnerDish.

Both streams have been pretty balls in terms of inexplicable interruptions, but hey, you know. If you have any other links to live coverage, comment with em and I'll be sure to add.

Also, sometimes the WHCD are traditionally boring, but you tune in basically to celeb-spot and catch potential live, unscripted, uncensored lulz.
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