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As a follow up to this post

Gay Porn Actor Will Be Allowed To Graduate From Christian College


John Gechter, the student who was suspended after his Christian college discovered that he was appearing in gay porn, has struck a deal in which he will be allowed to graduate.
Gechter was about to make his final appeal to the provost when he struck a deal with GCC late Tuesday. “(GCC) offered me a deal that if I withdrew, they would let me transfer a few courses that I need to graduate,” Gechter explained. “I’ll be able to transfer those credits to GCC and I will still graduate with a GCC degree.” Gechter’s tenure at GCC officially ended on May 5 after he withdrew from the college. He said he plans to move to New York City in the next few weeks, where he will be headlining a play, “Love for Sale,” and also be taking his two bio-chemistry courses this summer. “(The play) is one of the doors that porn has opened for me,” Gechter admitted. “I’ll also be looking at universities in the city, which there are plenty of.”
"Love For Sale." Heh. Gechter says he had considered suing the school for damages if he had been indefinitely suspended.

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