The Last Eclectic Bohemian Griot (eclectic_soul) wrote in ontd_political,
The Last Eclectic Bohemian Griot

Come to find out...she was a spy.... (at the very least doing spy type things)

US journalist in Iran had secret report on Iraq war

A lawyer for US-born reporter Roxana Saberi, freed this week from a Tehran jail, said on Wednesday the spy charges she had faced arose after she obtained a classified report on the US war on Iraq.

"She had a report about the US attack on Iraq prepared by the strategic research centre at the (Iranian) presidency," Saleh Nikbakht told AFP.

"The research centre deemed the report as classified. But she had not used it at all." Nikbakht did not say how Saberi had managed to gain access to the confidential report.

(read the rest here)



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