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Feline Town update

Remember this guy?

This is from his latest livejournal...

I offer the people a nice service. I want to keep it that way. But sometimes you need to step back a bit before moving forward. In January, it began to look like the ranch couldn’t make it past April. The cats and I didn’t want to be seen standing by those signs that said “Will Work For Food”. Recent press did generate donations but I need to watch the budget a little closer so that I can continue to care for the cats that are already here and cover the expenses of the ranch (land mortgage, electric).


Effective IMMEDIATELY, I will not be accepting cats until further notice. I regret having to make this decision. I will also start rapidly reducing the number of cats here through adoption, which will be very painful to see my friends leave. This is not what I wanted. I also may sell off one of my 5 acre parcels, up the back of the ranch. That property isn’t needed at this point. And I’m considering selling my PT Cruiser, which was to become the Cat Taxi; hopefully I can get what I bought it for. The land line to the office will be turned off to save money as well. You can call my cell phone (which will be working again this weekend!), just be persistent-you will reach me.


Some of these decisions were based on this past winters vet bills which exceeded 2000 per month. Food cost is a fixed expense at 800 per week, and cannot be reduced, as it is with the utility bills and mortgage. These changes will ensure that we do continue on and maybe when the economy bounces back a bit we will be able to move forward again.

You can donate here.
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