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Jim Cramer: Karl Marx was right, but Jon Stewart sucks, "one day he will answer for" treating me bad

Cramer is still smarting from the televised beat down he received from Jon Stewart. Cramer seemed conciliatory and apologetic on Jon's show. Afterwards he got resentful & butthurt, and the grudge continues to this day.

Oddly, Cramer also gives a shout-out to Karl Marx and blames "right-wing Republicans" for hurting the country!

Do you regret going on The Daily Show in the first place? —John Puterbaugh, Dekalb, Ill.

Cramer: No one wants to suffer a beat-down. No one wants to be humiliated or embarrassed. I was shocked at [host Jon Stewart's] behavior. I wish he knew about my background, and I wish he knew about a lot of things that I had done, because I think he would've thanked me instead of attacked me.

You seemed to take Stewart's criticism personally, but he was really making a larger point about the failures of CNBC and other financial outlets. Do you think CNBC did a good job anticipating and reporting on the financial meltdown? —Mark Sutter, Detroit

Cramer:I think CNBC's done a remarkable job, and I think the attack on CNBC and the attacks on me were gravely misplaced. It was rather remarkable in that it was so clear that his goal was to just destroy me. One day he'll answer for it.

Money is being spent before it can be printed. At what point will we run into crippling inflation? —Nick Augustine, Poplar Grove, Ill.

Cramer: That's exactly what they were worried about in 1929 to 1931. Hoover was very worried about tremendous inflation, so he did his best to avoid that, and we had the greatest depression in history. So perhaps we learn from history and worry about inflation after we worry about taking a Great Depression off the table.

Do you think that young people have been scared out of the stock market forever? —Brianna Morrissey, Columbus, Ohio

Cramer: Yeah, I think so. It became a mug's game. Unless we bring back the regulations that we had pre-Bush, unless we prosecute the bad actors, I think they should be scared.

Source + more:,8599,1898261,00.html</blockquote>

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