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Tea party leader/insane clown also major tax fraud, apparently.

Tea party leader/insane clown also major tax fraud, apparently

Well no wonder he doesn’t like taxes very much. According to documents obtained by Teablogging by running a goddamned simple Nexis search on the internets, national Tea Party organizer, Top Conservatives on Twitter cofounder and TCOTReport.com publisher Michael P. Leahy has, over the past 16 years, amassed nearly $150,000 in state and federal tax liens, small claims court judgments and civil suits.

It’s an open secret among teabaggers and elsewhere that Leahy is a delusional, profiteeringcreep and, potentially, a member of some alien race of Lizard People here to feed on the human race, for freedom. You might have heard of Leahy during the Great TCOT Civil War hilarious catfight of 2009, when he basically threw a bitch fit on the internet because TCOT cofounder and reasonable adult Rob Neppell wouldn’t let him be the supreme boss of everything which was, like, TOTALLY UNFAIR. You will find that this is something of a recurring theme with Leahy.

So anyway, megalomaniac? Check. Self-defeating hack? Check. Lizard Person? Definitely check. And now, yes, apparently massive tax fraud? Check and check.

Seriously, does Leahy have naked pictures of other teaparty leaders that they continue to associate with this no-talent fartsack? Actually, no, please don’t answer that.

Whatever. If this slapstick band of unintentionally hilarious fuckups wants to join Leahy in committing collective suicide in front of everybody, live, on the internet, they can go right on ahead. I just wouldn’t lend him any money.

Take a look at our source docs here (pdf)

*In an uncharacteristic act of actual journalism, Teablogging.net contacted Mr. Leahy prior to the publication of this post. He thanked us for the heads up (and chided us for using dirty words) but didn’t offer any further comment. Boo-yah.

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