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Progress, One Woman at at Time

Kuwait votes for first female MPs

Kuwait's parliament, the oldest in the region, will admit four women

Rola Dashti

Kuwait has elected its first female MPs following the oil-rich country's third general election in three years.

US-educated Aseel al-Awadhi and Rola Dashti were among winners in the third district, official results declared.

The 10 leading candidates from each of Kuwait's five electoral districts are elected to the 50-seat parliament.

The emir dissolved the previous parliament in March because it wanted to question his nephew, the prime minister, about alleged corruption.

There are no political parties in Kuwait; the prime minister appoints ministers most of whom are unelected.

"It's a victory for Kuwaiti women and a victory for Kuwaiti democracy," Ms Awadhi told AFP news agency.

"This is a major leap forward," she said. The right to vote and stand for election to Kuwait's parliament, the oldest in the Gulf, was extended to women in 2005.

Former Health Minister Massouma al-Mubarak, who became the first Kuwaiti woman to be appointed to a ministerial post in 2005, and Salwa al-Jassar, have also secured seats in parliament.

This is great, Kuwait!! My Mom said there were mixed feelings about this in the Mid East


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