[übermensch] (yirimyah) wrote in ontd_political,

Australian comedy team capitalize off H1N1


THIS is the sign creating havoc on roads in Broadway and Homebush and motorists have The Chaser boys to thank.

And yesterday The Chaser's Dominic Knight was unapologetic. "At a time of widespread fear about a swine flu pandemic, we're proud to do our bit to help confirm people's most irrational hysteria," Knight said.

"Think of it this way - in the unlikely event that the disease does become a far more serious proposition than the same old influenza that sweeps through our community every single year, these billboards of ours are going to look really, really ill-advised.

"And that's what The Chaser is all about. It's good to be back."


NOTE: These are the same guys that pwned security at the 2007 APEC summit.

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