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Swine Flu Reaction: Infomercials And Conspiracy Theories (VIDEO)

Swine Flu Reaction: Infomercials And Conspiracy Theories (VIDEO)

A couple of videos coming out of Iraq and Iran reveal a troubling reaction in the Middle East to the global H1N1 influenza epidemic, including anti-Western infomercials and conspiracy theories (Via The Hill)

This first video is an Iranian commercial that peddles a conspiracy theory that the virus was spread by a Jewish drug company and Donald Rumsfeld for profit.

The second video (un-embeddable) is a rather goofy Iraqi government infomercial centered on the message, "Dear citizen, you must take precautions to protect yourself from this disease." It then lists very basic preventative techniques such as covering one's face when coughing or avoiding hand shakes.

View the video here at MEMRI.

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