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Palin Says Thanks But Not Thanks To Stimulus Money

Palin Says Thanks But Not Thanks To Stimulus Money

Gov. Sarah Palin dropped the hammer today on $80 million from the state budget. Her cuts include the $28.6 million in federal stimulus money designated for energy relief. Even though Juneau, Fairbanks and Anchorage municipalities are already complying with the federal building codes, Palin turned money down for weatherization and energy assistance to avoid the building requirements statewide. The governor of Missouri, Jay Nixon, negotiated taking the money without a statewide code.

Alaska has the highest energy costs in the nation
. Alaska has two seasons; winter and construction. Now would be the best time for window replacement, weatherization, etc.

In a "bring it on" move, Palin dared the legislature to over-ride her veto. I just spoke to a state legislature about the chances of a special session being called. It is possible, if not, the next session is January 2010.

Last fall, Governor Palin allocated $740 million in one time "energy bail-out" checks to every citizen in Alaska.

This year, $28.6 million is turned down.

Alaska loses.
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