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Creepy Newt Gingrich Twitter entries

I dunno, I just found these strange & disturbing. It reads like a kind of broken English rant, the kind of thing a sociopath might post to a website before he snapped and went out to kill a bunch of people.

Seeing this and also watching Sen. Claire McCaskill (@clairecmc) get drawn into some exchange with some random Internet yahoo from the Land of Free Republic (@USAMIA) makes me wonder how good it is for politicians to be on there. Or at least actively interacting with people on there. It's like being on a forum with some truly nutty people. (McCaskill: "@USAMIA I'm just curious. Are you also opposed to Medicare?" USAMIA: "@clairecmc Yes I'm opposed to Medicare entitlement. Without it, free markets would have produced a more efficient & effective solution. U?")

FreedomWorks is Dick Armey's organization that was behind a lot of the April 15 tea bag protests.
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