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Bill Clinton Position 'Evolving' on Same-Sex Marriage


ABC News reports on the George W. Bush - Bill Clinton "A Conversation with Presidents" speaking tour that kicked off in Toronto Friday night. One of the topics was gay rights:

"And while President Clinton mostly kept to his promise to 'thwart' efforts to get 42 and 43 to tangle with each other, he offered an interesting insight into his thinking on gay rights. On the issue of gay marriage -- which Clinton, like President Obama, personally opposes -- Clinton said of his position: 'Frankly, it's evolving' as he sees more committed gay couples raising kids. As ABC political director David Chalian has pointed out, Clinton isn’t the only Democrat whose position on gay marriage is moving. Clinton also expressed optimism that the military’s 'don’t ask, don’t tell policy' -- which he helped enact -- will eventually come off the books, allowing gay members of the armed services to serve openly. 'I think that time will lead to a repeal of this ban,' Clinton said. That’s one of many areas where the former presidents disagree. But mostly, this event was a lovefest."

The 6,000-person event at the Convention Centre was sold out, and attracted a few hundred protestors.

(via world of wonder)


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