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Sonia Sotomayor: XXX rated

Comes now the case Farrell v. Burke. For those scouring the hundreds of opinions of Judge Sonia Sotomayor, hoping for a smoking gun or at least greater insight into the presumptive Supreme Court justice, this could be one place to start.

But only if your taste runs toward the sordid and/or ridiculous.

In this remarkably X-rated opinion dated May 31, 2006, Judge Sotomayor and her colleagues on the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals tackled the case of a Mr. Christopher J. Farrell. It's actually a pretty interesting argument: Mr. Farrell challenged the terms of his probation, which included a ban on possession of pornography.

And in order to get at the argument, Judge Sotomayor had to quote extensively from some of Mr. Farrell's collection in order to demonstrate whether the material met the definition of pornography. In particular, and this is a scene worth imagining, the Princeton and Yale Law School-educated Judge Sotomayor had to wade through a book called Scum: True Homosexual Experiences. As the judge noted, Scum came from the author of other books including Cum, Juice, Skin, Wads, Cream, Smut, Filth, Sex, Raunch, (and) Lewd. Because Suits & Sentences is a family law blog, we will judiciously edit some of the excerpts and titles that Judge Sotomayor had to quote verbatim, including:

"Sometimes we would drive around the hills and he would pretend like he was kidnapping me, tie up my body, and then **** my face."

"US Marine Displays ****, **** to Cubans."

"His **** was sticking out of his pajamas."

and the incomparable...

"Wipes ******* With His Tongue, Then ******It With His ****."

source: Suits and Sentences. Bummer, no interesting comments yet about her graduating summa cum laude.

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