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Dick Cheney to support equal marriage?

If President Barack Obama doesn't take a stand for marriage equality in 2010, who will? Dick Cheney, anyone? Yep, that's right, man of torture, Darth Vader to Obama's Luke Skywalker, Cheney will roll up his sleeves and do the right thing, says MSNBC's Carlos Watson in his latest video post.

Here's Watson's logic: "First you gotta remember the background -- that Cheney's daughter Mary Cheney is gay; and that Cheney said in the 2004 vice presidential debates this is the one topic -- same-sex marriage -- that he disagreed with [President Bush] on and would say so openly. You've also gotta remember that Meghan McCain, John McCain's daughter, has come out openly about it and that Cheney's former chief of staff, Steve Schmidt -- bald guy, know him? -- who later ran McCain's campaign, he made a big pronouncement about it."

OK, let's suspend logic and go for broke for a second. Watson continues: "It's precisely because he's burnished his Darth Vader credentials over the last eight weeks, that when he finally weighs in on this issue, it will be better than Nixon going to China. It will grab everyone's attention."

If Watson is right, it would be just beautiful watching the Christian right go crazy, Cheney's GOP counterparts run for cover, and best yet, what the heck would Rush Limbaugh, titular head of the GOP, say about the man he recently called "one lone voice in the Republican Party" and said was solely "motivated by love for his country"?

OK, back to the real world. Still not convinced? Well, at least take this into consideration -- Watson interviewed Liz Cheney on MSNBC Thursday. Wonder what they talked about when the cameras weren't rolling?

Not an Onion article, honest!!!

I am sorry, but O HALE NO if Cheney actually takes this position. I mean... really? On the other hand, the image of Rush Limbaugh's head exploding at this news would be something I'd pay to see......
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