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Iran Post-election LiveThread #4.

Protesters mourn dead as rallies continue

18/06 13:25 CET | The focus of protests in Iran today is on those who have died in the post-election unrest.

Supporters of the reformist opposition candidate, Mirhossein Moussavi, were expected to be on the streets in vast numbers again this morning in response to has call for a day of mourning. At least eight people have been killed in the recent disturbances and the authorities’ response.

The deaths have fuelled anger over the outcome of the presidential election, which Moussavi’s followers say was rigged. News of the arrest of another senior opposition leader in his hospital bed is likely to heighten tensions.

In addition to a partial recount, Iran’s religious rulers have invited the three defeated candidates to a meeting on Saturday to discuss their complaints.

But there is nothing to suggest President Mahmoud Ahmedinejad’s victory will be annulled. He remains popular with many in the country and they are expected to turnout out en masse to express their support during Friday prayers. (SOURCE)

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