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Here I am posting yet again about Honduras because, HOLLY SHIT:

Honduras restricts rights during curfew after coup

TEGUCIGALPA (Reuters) - Honduras' Congress approved a decree on Wednesday to crack down on opposition during a nightly curfew imposed after the recent coup.

The decree, covering the curfew period, allows security forces to hold suspects for more than 24 hours without charge, and formalizes the prohibition of people's right to free association at night.


Honduran Congress Suspend Civil Rights; Zelaya Vows To Return On Saturday

The Honduran Legislature approved earlier this afternoon a decree that suspends five of the rights of citizens in Honduras: the inviolable right of home, the freedom of association, a person can be held more than 24 hours without a charge and freedom of movement in the country (wait... where's the 5th?).

The decree was presented to the Legislative Assembly by Roberto Micheletti, who was given the power of the presidency following the military coup d'etat last Sunday.

The decree approved by the Legislators virtually places the country under siege.

The measures are designed to prevent any demonstration on the streets of Honduras in the event deposed president Manuel Zelaya returns.

Zelaya, who is currently in Panama to take part in the investiture of Ricardo Martinelli as the new president of Panama, said he would respect the 72 hours deadline placed by the Organization of American States (OAS) on the Honduras to reinstate its president, before returning to his country possibly on Saturday.

Zelaya had said on Monday that he would return to Honduras on Thursday, but decided postpone his return after the announcement by the OAS.

The OAS said that it is firm that if Zelaya is not reinstated, it would suspend Honduras' membership to the OAS. In a separate move, the has frozen all credit, reported to be some $500 billion dollars, to Honduras.

Micheletti, for his part, is staying firm that Zelaya can return whenever he wishes, as a private citizen, but faces a battery of charges of criminal acts while president. Micheletti said the courts are ready to issue a warrant for Zelaya's arrest the moment he sets foot in Honduras.

Micheletti said that Zelaya had violated Honduran law and it was too late for him to avoid arrest if he returns to Honduras.

Micheletti also said he was worried about the possibility of invasion from other Latin American countries, although he did not say which ones.

"I was appointed by Congress, which represents the Honduran people. Nobody can make me resign unless I break the laws of the country," Micheletti said in an interview with The Associated Press at the presidential palace.

The United States said it has suspended joint military operations with Honduras, while the European Union has suspended the first round of free trade negotiations for the region, which were scheduled in Brussels next week.

You can be arrested at home without a charge, you can't hang out with your friends, there's a curfew and a few TV/radio stations were closed down. But this is totally pro-democracy... not a coup, NOT A COUP, ARE YOU LISTENING? Pfff, Honduran military must literally GTFO.
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