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Glenn Beck says leftists gearing up for armed, violent revolt

FOX NEWS: Extreme Left Calling People to Arms
by Glenn Beck

While the government warns that right-wing extremists could be domestic
terrorists, and The New York Times, says I could incite those crazy
conservatives to violence, the extreme left is actively calling for

As world economies go down the tank and unemployment continues to rise,
disenfranchised people are set to explode.

The dangerous leftist book that could spark this is “The Coming
Insurrection.” This is a call to arms for violent revolution
, authored
anonymously by a French group called the Invisible Committee who want to
bring down capitalism.

This started in France and spread to countries like Greece and Iceland,
where people are out of work, out of money and out of patience.

Now it’s coming here. The book comes out in English in the U.S. in
August. I have one of the first English copies.

The book was written after riots in the Paris suburbs in 2005 tore the
country apart, and that was before the economy really got bad. This is
the anti-”Common Sense,” where I call for peaceful protest.

This is a book of revolution. Remember this is not from the right, you
know the radicals that everyone is so worried about in government. This
is from the far left.
Let me share a bit:

“Take up arms. Do everything possible to make their use unnecessary.
There is no such thing as a peaceful insurrection. Weapons are necessary.”

The French government was so freaked out they arrested nine people
believed to have written “The Coming Insurrection” on charges of
“criminal association for the purposes of terrorist activity” for
allegedly sabotaging train lines in France.

When I first heard of this book it was in The New York Times book
section. A group had organized an unauthorized reading of “The Coming
Insurrection” at a New York City bookstore. When they were shooed out of
the store they went to Starbucks and so on. Not exactly terrorist
activity; more of a curiosity.

But it gets a little more creepy when you look at this: One of those
leaders arrested in France Julien Coupat was held for six months and
just released this May. According to a story in The Globe and Mail back
in January of 2008 while visiting Canada, Coupat and his girlfriend
sneaked over the border to visit New York City. According to relatives,
they didn’t want their photos and fingerprints in the hands of U.S.
authorities. Why is that? (By the way are our borders protected yet?)

Remember the media will tell you the right is the one to be feared. They
do everything they can to tie any random nutjob shooting to
“The shooter was a fan of ‘24′ — ‘24′ starred Jon Voight
— Jon Voight is a conservative!”

But this is a call for violence. Here is more:

“It’s a question of knowing how to fight, to pick locks, to set broken
bones and treat sicknesses; how to build a pirate radio transmitter; how
to set up street kitchens; how to aim straight.”

The synopsis of the book describes it as “an eloquent call to arms
arising from the recent waves of social contestation in France and
Europe… a strategic prescription for an emergent war-machine to spread
anarchy and live communism.”

A few years ago I said that Europe is on the brink of destruction. This
is yet another sign that it’s coming.
Even in Japan where protests have
been seen as taboo since the 1960s, young people angered over the
economy and fear for their future — taking to the streets, beginning to
unionize. The communist party of Japan says they are getting 1,000 new
members a month.

This book has not even been released in this country yet. It has been
passed hand to hand and via the Internet
[LOLOLOLOL - syndicalist ],
much like the pamphleteers in
pre-revolution America. Thomas Paine was one of them. He issued a call
to arms. I am not doing that.
You are an idiot if you start shooting
people — all that does is delegitimize the cause. Be like Ghandi, like
Martin Luther King.

But people on the extreme left are calling people to arms. I am not
calling to ban this book, but you should read it to know what is coming
and be ready when it does.,2933,529784,00.html
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