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Jordan king names son as crown prince

Jordan's King Abdullah II on Thursday officially named his elder son, Hussein, 15, as crown prince in a royal decree, the palace announced.

When he became king in February 1999 after the death of his father, King Hussein, Abdullah named his brother Hamzah as crown prince in keeping with their father's wishes.

But five years later, he withdrew the nomination, leaving Hussein as de facto crown prince but without an official appointment.

Under Jordan's constitution, the post of crown prince goes to the eldest son of the king, who retains the option of naming a brother. The late King Hussein replaced his brother Hassan with his son, Abdullah, just days before his death.

The decree read: “We, King Abdullah II of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, acting under Paragraph A of Article 28 of the Constitution, issue our Royal Decree naming our eldest son, His Royal Highness Prince Hussein Ben Abdullah II, as Crown Prince. He shall be vested with all rights and privileges pertaining to this decree." The Crown Prince was born on June 28, 1994.

He currently attends King's Academy, a co-educational private boarding school located in Manja-Amman, Jordan. The school's curriculum is taken from Deerfield Academy, the prep school that King Abdullah attended as a boy.

In addition to Crown Prince Hussein, King Abdullah and his wife, Queen Rania, have two daughters, Princess Iman (13) and Princess Salma (9), and a younger son, Prince Hashem (4).

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