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Latest on Iran

I hope I'm not stepping on anyone's toes by doing this post but I noticed that it had been a long time since anyone did a post on Iran.

I have been following things pretty closely so I thought I would post up the best links to information on what is going on.

One thing you need to understand is that while the MSM are not covering Iran a lot there are other organizations that are. Another is that while people say things are calm now and that the movement is over they are dead wrong. Political battle lines have been drawn in Paraliament, the Qom and within the Clerics. Things are changing and whether we have seen the worst of what the regime can do is unknown. What is known that people are continuing to try to protest in large numbers. A group of woman being called the Mourning Mothers are gathering near daily to the morn the loss of the protesters lives. The Basij have broken up several of their protests and beat them.

Torture is rampant in the prisons and jail. They do not care if you voted or who you voted for, if you are found on the streets by the Basiji they will take you as a supporter of the oppostion and they will beat you, arrest you and torture you more in jail. On Nico's blog there was a quote by a student leader that sums up the situation:
Student Leader: In Iran we always use this joke to describe this situation: they say that a group sees a fox that is running away, they ask him, "Why are you running away?" The fox says, "The ruler has ordered that all foxes that have three testicles be killed." They note, "But you have two testicles," and the fox responds, "But first they kill and then they count."

Yet, with all this opposition they are continuing to keep the hope alive and fight for their rights. There is a flyer being passed on Mousavi's FB and the interwebs. I can't read Farsi but from those I've talked with on twitter it says the march beings next Thursday and it has routes on it.

It is late now to mention this but there are plans worldwide to turn celebrations of Independence & Freedom green in honor of the Iranians fighting for their Freedom.

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Live Blogs on Iran Protests

Nico's Pitney's live blog on HuffPo
The most excellent live blog out there. Has an absolute ton of information dating back the very first day. Filled with pictures and vids.
July 5th | July 3rd | July 2nd | July 1st | June 30th | June 29th | June 28th | June 27th | June 26th | June 25th | June 24th | June 22nd | June 21st | June 20th pt 2 | June 20th pt 1 | June 19th | June 18th | June 17th | June 16th | June 15th

Andrew Sullivan's blog <- Political blog but he has a lot of coverage on iran.

NiteOwl's Green Briefs <- Anonymous teamed up The Pirate Bay (before they sold out) to provide logistical help to the Iranians in a safe anonymous forum - the vids of Anonymous declaring 'war' on Iranian govt are interesting to watch. NiteOwl's Green Briefs are compilations of news reports straight from Iranians.
#17 (July 3) | #16 (July 2) | #15 (July 1) | #14 (June 30) | #13 (June29) | #12 (June 28) | #11 (June 27) | #10 (June 26th) | #9 (June 25) | #8 (June 24) | #7 (June 23) | #6 (June 22) | #5 (June 21) | #4 (June 20 | #3 (June 19) | #2 (June 18) | #1 (June 17)

Note Worthy Newspaper Articles

The Independent
British embassy staff to stand trial over protests
Syria offers invite to Obama (I added this because it is important to note about the relations of the Middle East and how it can effect what's going on in Iran)

UK seeks Trial clarification
Fears grow for Iranian detainees
Ahmedi cancels Africa Trip
Iran views, quiet but not normal

Iran page
EU summons all Iranian ambassadors in co-ordinated protest
In Iran today, generation must speak to generation
Push to free Anglo-Greek journalist jailed in Iran intensifies
Mousavi calls Iranian govt illegitimate
Basiji call for Mousavi's arrest
Arrested, beaten and raped: an Iran protester's tale
Guardian's list of the dead and detained <- They are asking for names and pictures to help identify the people. This is with the permission of the families.

LA Times
Ahmedi faces diplomatic isolation
Iranian book publisher recalls weeklong ordeal in prison
Iran leader's foes to continue disputing election

The meaning of Neda's martyrdom
In Iran, Conspiracy Theories Flourish As Regime Tries to Regain Legitimacy
Saddam feared Iran more than US

Deep-Packet Inspection in U.S. Scrutinized Following Iran Surveillance <- Has details on Iran's snooping system. Btw, people are boycotting Nokia because of their involvement.
Google Maps Track Iran Protests <- Not sure how relevant it is since it's been a while since we've had big protests but it might be useful for next Thursday if they are able to get the big numbers.

Useful Resources

Translations: TehranBroadcast.com | Translate4Iran
Helping Iranians use the web: Tor Project (English & Farsi)IranHelp.org (Farsi)
Demonstrations: Facebook | WhyWeProtest
Activism: Avaaz.org | National Iranian American Council

Here are a few music vids that are being passed around.

A group in Holland made this. Views: 30,122 (since June 30th)

Joan Baez sings 'We Shall Overcome' 77,287 views (since June 25th)

Freedom Glory Project is a group of well known musicans (from other bands) with ties to Iran. You can find out more information about them and download a copy of the song from theirwebsite. 28,018 views (since July 1st)

added links
I Must Go Home to Iran Again by MARJANE SATRAPI (rec'd by flake_sake
The Nation Inside Iran's Green Wave (forgot this link)
Persepolis 2.0 An unoffical sequel of the Persepolis graphic novel made with the publisher's blessing. It is short but empowering. (anyone know how to embedd flickr sideshows on LJ?)

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