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A Tide Is Turning

I debated about doing another post. The other one was supposed to just be a way for others to find links that provide better up to the date coverage than I could, but things are happening right now that I think should be addressed.

First of all Ahmedi wants to talk with Obama.

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said he wants to engage President Obama in "negotiations" before international media, a semi-official Iranian news outlet reported on Saturday.

Speaking at a meeting of medical school deans, Ahmadinejad said Iran "will soon pursue a new round of diplomatic activity" amid a new position of strength for the Iranian government, the Iranian Student News Agency quotes him as saying.

"I will go to the United Nations and will invite Obama to negotiations," Ahmadinejad said, adding that such talks would be "in front of the international media, not a sit-down behind closed doors in order to talk about matters."

He is making overtones that in actuality would give his government legitmacy among his people. If Obama does this, it will chip away at the opposition movement. All Iranians want better relations with the west and the side that does will earn the people's respect and loyalty.

Another thing is that I had mentioned, in a reply to a comment, in the last post is that things are going on on the hacker side of things. I mentioned how freegate (the program that uncensors the internet for Chinese radicals) had cut their support to Iran by 75%. This can also be attributed to why the chatter from the Iranians has been so low lately. Freegate couldn't afford to keep it up any longer. But things have changed now.

Proxyheap, which was the plan for users around the world to create proxies for the Iranians to use was but a temporary fix. Austin Heap has been working hard on Haystack which is the permanent solution.

In the upcoming days, Daniel Colascione and I will release a new program to provide unfiltered internet access to the people of Iran. A software package for Windows, Mac and Unix systems, called Haystack, will specifically target the Iranian government’s web filtering mechanisms.

Similar to Freegate, the program directed against China’s “great firewall,” once installed Haystack will provide completely uncensored access to the internet in Iran while simultaneously protecting the user’s identity. No more Facebook blocks, no more government warning pages when you try to load Twitter, just unfiltered Internet.

The network will be supported by donated high-quality servers outside of Iran. We will be able to provide an individual user with unfettered internet access that costs the donor $0.015 to $0.0375 per month.


The Khamenei/Ahmadinejad government has been extremely effective at silencing prominent members of the opposition. But the uprising in Iran was not the result of top-down leadership, it was the result of individuals using whatever means they had at their disposal to organize and communicate. We want to continue to support, in whatever way we can, those who started this and will lead it forward: the people.

July 12, 2009 post | July 11, 2009 post | July 10, 2009 post | July 9, 2009 posts | July 8, 2009 post | July 7, 2009 post | July 6, 2009 post | July 5, 2009 post | July 4, 2009 post

This movement cannot and will not be stopped. The Iranian government had a moment in which to stop this. That moment was Friday the 19th when the Supreme Leader allied himself with Ahmedi and said that these protests are illegal. Even though, they knew that they risked death - as evidenced by people's blogs filling with messages of saying goodbye because they might die tomorrow (Saturday) - they still went out. Before, that fateful day on the Muslim sabbath the Sea of Green was about corruption in the electoral system, now it is a movement for true democracy.

Long before it was thought absolutely unthinkable for people to scream out, 'Marg bar Dictator (Death to the Dictator)' and mean the Supreme Leader. Things are changing, the people are fed up with how they are treated and they tired of their denial of rights.

This is not the end but the beginning and it is unknown how long this will take but they are determined to this through to whatever end it shall be. 'We shall overcome' was the signature song of the Civil Rights Movement in this nation. Decades it took for them to attain their rights. Civil disobedience, protests, march upon march was the weapons they used. These are same weapons that the Iranians are using now. The internet is a vital important weapon to enable the Iranians and soon they will have uncensored internet that will be completely protected from the Basiji and the Iranian Government.

The eyes of the world are upon Iran and while our governments must only condemn in words and their hands are tied, ours are not. People around the world are working tirelessly to aid these people and laws are being posed to block companies from being able to provided the means to censor the internet and to keep people offline.

Corrupt governments and regimes that are far more censorable and restricting than Iran's are watching and trembling as the beacon of Theocracy government is falling apart like the Berlin Wall. China, Cuba, Burma and many other hardline governments have been censoring the news about Iran. They fear that their people too will rise up against them. Citizens in nations such as Egypt and Saudi Arabia look on in awe and jealousy at what the Iranian people are doing and trying to accomplish.

We have reached a point in our history where we are able to stand with so many so far away in solidarity and be able to achieve something profound and it is the internet and technology that has allowed this to come to be. The hunger for freedom and democracy is spreading across the Middle East and in other dictatorial regimes.

World governments are noticing that the internets likes to be free and that you do not mess with the internets.

The next week is going to be a pivotal moment.
Strike is in progress and Thursday there will be a march.

July 4th post

Live Blogs on Iran Protests

Nico's Pitney's live blog on HuffPo
The most excellent live blog out there. Has an absolute ton of information dating back the very first day. Filled with pictures and vids.
July 5th | July 3rd | July 2nd | July 1st | June 30th | June 29th | June 28th | June 27th | June 26th | June 25th | June 24th | June 22nd | June 21st | June 20th pt 2 | June 20th pt 1 | June 19th | June 18th | June 17th | June 16th | June 15th

Andrew Sullivan's blog <- Political blog but he has a lot of coverage on iran.

EnduringAmrica blog <- Political but they have a lot of coverage (they are also sharing tips with NiteOwl (I forgot them earlier...my bad)

NiteOwl's Green Briefs <- Anonymous teamed up The Pirate Bay (before they sold out) to provide logistical help to the Iranians in a safe anonymous forum - the vids of Anonymous declaring 'war' on Iranian govt are interesting to watch. NiteOwl's Green Briefs are compilations of news reports straight from Iranians.
#17 (July 3) | #16 (July 2) | #15 (July 1) | #14 (June 30) | #13 (June29) | #12 (June 28) | #11 (June 27) | #10 (June 26th) | #9 (June 25) | #8 (June 24) | #7 (June 23) | #6 (June 22) | #5 (June 21) | #4 (June 20 | #3 (June 19) | #2 (June 18) | #1 (June 17)

Note Worthy Newspaper Articles

The Nation
Iran's Green Wave

Iran executes 20 'drug dealers'
Fears grow for the detained
Iran to free UK embassy worker
The chief political analyst at the British Embassy in Iran has been charged with "acting against national security", reports suggest.
The EU is no longer qualified to take part in talks on Iran's nuclear programme, Iran's military chief says.
Analysis: Iran crisis set to rage on

New York Times
Leading Clerics Defy Ayatollah on Disputed Iran Election
Biden Suggests U.S. Not Standing in Israel’s Way on Iran <- Someone shut up Biden, PLEEEAAAASE!
Plunging squarely into one of the most sensitive issues in the Middle East, Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. suggested on Sunday that the United States would not stand in the way of Israeli military action aimed at the Iranian nuclear program.

I Must Go Home to Iran Again
A Journalist's 'Actual Responsibility' Roger Cohen <- I think this guy is going to win an award on his reports on Iran

LA Times
Iran newspaper calls for Mousavi to face trial
The arrest of Hossein Rassam and his colleagues has boosted tension between Iran and the West over the June vote. Tehran has accused London of fomenting post-election unrest.
And the head of the judiciary Ayatollah Mahmoud Hashemi Shahroudi today has issued a directive to Iranian courts allowing them to sentence anyone working with satellite television channels or Internet networking websites to up to 10 years in jail, according to several news agencies.

The Guardian
Mousavi labeled 'US Agent'

Report: Ahmadinejad says he wants public talks with Obama
Key Iranian clerics come out against election results
Rafsanjani doubts ‘any wakened consciousness’ satisfied with Iran election
Britain warns Iran over embassy arrest
Ex-Iranian president seeks to free detainees <- Somehow missed this earlier

The Washington Post
Iranian Details Alleged Fraud
Mousavi Is Also Accused of Treason

Iran releases Greek reporter

The Jerusalem Post
Blogger said Ahemdi had Jewish roots is arrested
US General, Mullen: A strike on Iran would be 'very destabilizing'

MondayMorning <- It's an English Newspaper in Beirut - Lebanon

Iran opens 23 new Special Economic Zones

Global Voices Online
Iran: Myth and reality about Twitter

Payvand Iran News
Reading Independence Day in Iran
How Could Iran's Hard-Liners Choose The Next Supreme Leader?
Iranian Newspaper Accuses Opposition Leader of Treason

Iran Quest
Iranian election protesters refuse to give up but change tactics
Haystack to provide uncensored internet access in Iran <- Same as what is on Austin Heap's site but this means the word is getting out. I think soon enough we are going to be slammed with information coming from Iran

Tehran Bureau <- The best insight of what is going on in Tehran
The significance of 18 Tir (Thursday the 8th) <- Today is 14 Tir
The next one, and perhaps most pivotal to the current movement, happens to fall on Thursday of this week: the 18th of Tir (or 9th of July.)

On that day in 1999 students protesting the closing of the reformist newspaper Salaam were attacked in their dormitories in Tehan and Tabriz. Six days of protests ensued, which began with several hundred students and blossomed into thousands of people from all walks of life supporting the demonstrations. They were the biggest display of anti-regime sentiment in the Islamic Republic’s then twenty-year history, and they were put down by the regime with a mandate by the threatened leadership to stop the unrest “at any cost.” Sounds familiar.

Mass emails have begun to circulate, and I know of Iranians abroad planning to return to Tehran to participate in the protests. This is a marked difference from anti-regime protests of the past, many feebly fueled by calls from disreputable satellite channels beamed in from Los Angeles by self interested, self-proclaimed exiles.

No, this is something else entirely, and it will help separate those with the genuine goal of constructing an Iran that simultaneously respects its ancient past but also its goals for the future, from those callous opportunists who differ little no matter on which continent they perch.

ABC News (Australia)
The main Iranian Opposition candidate Mir-Hossein Mousavi has issued a new 25-page report detailing alleged fraud and irregularities in last month's presidential election.

CBC News (Canada)
Iran's Young Rebels <- Video Documentary on Iran's Youth BEFORE the the elction

YouTube needs to change their ratings system
Mousavi calls for a new political party <- It's in Farsi
Neda's father tortured <- It's in Farsi
Peition On Mousavi's FB there is a link to this site to make the world'd longest petition on green cloth and hang it from the Effiel Tower. A bit outlandish but it keeps talk about the movement in the news.
Correct Model for the Iranian Revolution?

Tweet Messages
@JakeTapper: Some believe Iran is singling out UK because it believes price of targeting US citizens in Iran would be too high

@TNTIran July 6,7,8 are days of seclusion, prayer at home or bazaar. July 9, mega ultimate memorial rally #IranElection #Neda

@JoshLevscnn: I'll be reporting from CNN's Iran Desk around 7:20a ET w/some of latest news #iranelection

@revmagdalen: @TNTIran But you have to keep in mind it starts being "tomorrow" in Iran at 3:30 EST! That's what trips us all up! #IranElection #Neda

RT-Iran: Mousavi is going to establisha new political party. http://bit.ly/h9XTJ #iranelection (link is in Farsi)

@hawaiianbear: @hydrofist What strike? Peaceful days of seclusion... pious duty of good Muslims. #iranelection #gr88 #neda

@LaraABCNews: Mourning Mothers of Iran announce protest for next Sat in Laleh Park, vow to keep it up until 1/2 #iranelection

RT-Iran: http://twitpic.com/9af84 (I'm keeping my Iranian sources (or those I expect are from Iran) unnamed)) It's a picture of an Iranian woman right's activist and news is that she has been released.

@Pray4FreeIran: RT We must get the security forces to support us against the dictators #Iranelection #Iran #Tehran #gr88 #Neda

@Pray4FreeIran: RT Iran Rally details for July 9 - مسیرهای راهپیمایی 18 تیر در سراسر کشور #iranelection http://bit.ly/uB4kw #neda #freeiran

@Pray4FreeIran: RT Rafsanjani stepping up pressure ths week, many aides/supporters wrkn on concerted attack on the position of GC #iranelection

@Pray4FreeIran: RT RT:Man who killed #Neda was Abolfazl Kiani & was killed w 3 bullets fr Intel agents @ 10:30pm: http://bit.ly/XPbHj #IranElection

@Pray4FreeIran: RT Etemad Melli director, Hagh Shenas, was also summond on 6-24 & 6-25 http://bit.ly/tX9IS (Persian) #iranelection #gr88

Pray4FreeIranRT @iran88: @iranbaan: .. He was summoned 2 answer 4 the open files 4 the Etemad Melli paper at the prosecutor's office #iranelection #gr88

Pray4FreeIranRT @iran88: @iranbaan: W/ incrsd pressure, managng dir. of Etemad Melli was summnd 2 the prosecutor's office 4 gov. employees.#iranelection

RT-Iran: http://twitpic.com/8hg0a - His wife arrested too. Masood Bastani arrested last night. he is journalist #Iranelection #Prisoners

@Pray4FreeIran: RT Newsweek reporter and documentary filmmaker, Maziar Bahari, is facing trial in Iran. http://tinyurl.com/nkkyeg

@Pray4FreeIran:RT : evil regime in Iran wants to arrest Iranian twitter & bloger users http://bit.ly/mb3Ir #iranelection || BE CAREFUL!

@Pray4FreeIran: Let me rephrase that: Any1 w/ friends in Iran (opp), pls make ur account totally private on Facebook esp friends list & pics. #iranelection

RT-Iran: http://twitpic.com/9f9ol - he is a blogger/ حمزه غالبی وبلاگ‌نویس و فعال مدنی # iranelection

Useful Resources

Translations: TehranBroadcast.com | Translate4Iran
Helping Iranians use the web: Tor Project (English & Farsi)IranHelp.org (Farsi)
Demonstrations: Facebook | WhyWeProtest
Activism: Avaaz.org | National Iranian American Council
Mousavi's FB

Doonesbury (The comic is covering Iran from this point on)

BBC Newsnight takes PressTV to task for bias

tehran 3 july 2009 كتك خوردن نيروهاي ضد شورش از دست جوانان عصباني روز جمعه 12

Music vids

Iran's best female rapper Kalimah 'Do not muddy the water!'; lyrics in English can found here


Keep an eye on articles with North Korea and Russia they are strong allies with Iran as well as Syria and Israel. There are reports that Israel is planning a strike...but that is the WORST pr move they could make, ever. The JPost reported a few days ago that the Israelis were moving subs through this sea channel that they haven't done in years...and it seems to be a lead up to strikes on the Nuke facilities...but it might be bragado. Still...I keep hearing this and the rhetoric keeps getting more amped. I can't tell if it propaganda (JPost is a bit out there) or if this is real but it is definitely something to keep an eye out on.

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