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Pasco man angry over his dead cats says he shot neighbor twice in back

LAND O'LAKES — Frederick Heustis admits he shot his neighbor.

"Yes, I'm the bad guy," he said Wednesday afternoon from an interview room in the Land O'Lakes jail, where the 67-year-old is being held on a charge of attempted murder.

Heustis lives in Shady Hills, and on Tuesday evening, he shot his neighbor — Joseph Sosnowski, 68 — twice in the back on Sosnowski's porch. The bullets exited through his chest. A Pasco Sheriff's Office spokesman said Sosnowski, who spent 12 years working as a detention deputy in the very jail where his neighbor sits, is in stable condition and recovering.

Heustis said it was about his cats. He has about nine of them and they live outside. Heustis suspects Sosnowski's grandson and another neighbor have been killing them.

"Thirteen dead in three years," Heustis said.

There was a confrontation back in November involving Heustis, the grandson and two other men. Heustis said he caught them going through his property and overheard one say of some cats, "There's two of them. Which one should we get first?"

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