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18th of Tir/July 9th Worldwide Protest Day

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Protests in Iran 18 of Tir

Iran protests flyer

Footage of July 9th Protests

From Nico:
1:38 PM ET -- An online demonstration targeted at Biden. From a reader: WHEN - Thursday, July 9th @ 8pm PST or 11pm EST WHO - everyone who wants to help give Iran a voice against their aggressors WHERE - at your house - so no excuses, it is the least you can do for all those giving their lives http://www.facebook.com/joebiden Please watch the video for instructions on the July 9th Onlne Protest

July 12, 2009 post | July 11, 2009 post | July 10, 2009 post | July 9, 2009 posts | July 8, 2009 post | July 7, 2009 post | July 6, 2009 post | July 5, 2009 post | July 4, 2009 post

UPDATED: 8:21am - 8:51am - 9:01am - 9:03am - 9:18am - 10:53am - 11:10am - 11:31am - 1:48pm

FYI: CNN is covering this about every 30 minutes so far MSNBC has nada and 7pm Iran time is when the protest offically started (about 30 minutes ago), but people have been in the street for at least 10 hours and the crowds keep getting bigger.

Shootings are also being reported.

Andrew Sullivan, Nico, NY Times and Bistoon are actively blogging about Iran!
Also, National Iranian American Council & Fintan Dunne

I'm hearing reports that uniformed POLICE are shooting at the Basij...I don't know if this is confirmed or not. I'm hearing it from others as well, but we still don't if confirmed. However on #nir...it is saying that they are 'taking' out snipers and that our 'friends' are out of harms way.

Another thing is that #MSNBCFail has been taking off as a trending topic. People are pissed at the lack of coverage. CNN is most definitely reaping rewards for being on top of this.

Twitter has crashed at least once today.

Andrew Sullivan's blog "Iran Erupts Again"
Counter Targeting the Protesters
NY Times - The Lede: Latest Updates on Iran Election Protests

Retweeters to watch
@LaraABCNews <- Reporter out of Dubai who's been in contact with Iranians
@Pray4FreeIran <- retweeter who spreads messages about Iran
@AustinHeap <- The genius behind ProxyHeap and Haystack (says that Node 1 is a go?)
@StopAdmedi <- twitter account for Mousavi supporters
@nicopitney <- I didn't know he had a twitter account
@Iran_Translator <- NiteOwl
@bistoon <- IRGC already actively hunt him b/c of student revolt in 1999 so I can rec him

Useful Resources
Translations: TehranBroadcast.com | Translate4Iran
Helping Iranians use the web: Tor Project (English & Farsi)IranHelp.org (Farsi) Demonstrations: Facebook | WhyWeProtest
Activism: Avaaz.org | National Iranian American Council
Mousavi's FB
Haystack's how you can help digg page
Haystack <- The all powerful proxy (still in testing) Want to help? Don't know anything techwise? Then donate some cash and keep this revolution going, you may just save someone(s) life! Haystack is needing donations! Donate Here.
Protest Advice
Brainstorm Ideas
Torrent/dl list of videos showing police brutality in Iran
Blog that has links to LA Protest that 35-50,000 people turn out
the pictures

Want to know how the power check system in Iran works? The Wall Street Journal has an excellent graph.
Bearing Witness In Iran Weighs Heavily On Cohen: Roger Cohen on NPR
Voice of the Voiceless
YekIran <- Worldwide Protest Map
Wiki on 18th Tir Protests 1999
Wiki of Iranian Election Protests
Reporters Without Borders <- List of how many reporters are in prison in Iran
radionomy anonymous Sea of Green radio
Eng Trans of Mousavi FB that has protest instructions and routes


Ayatollah Watch <- Information on Ayatollahs
Ahmedi's takeover has been planned since 2004
Out the Basij
ID the Basiji
twit blog about how another Ayatollah has gone against the regime
Ayatollah Mousavi Tabrizi, an Attorney General in the Khomeini era, declares :

- Janati's remarks at Friday sermon are against religious and Iranian law
- announcing that "confessions" are being "taken" is a serious breach of law
- not allowing peaceful protests is unconstitutional
- keeping prisoners without warrants after 24 hours is illegal

He warns all judges that any such warrants would be criminal, baseless, and directly conflict "Leader's Differentiation of Friends & Foes" declarations. He also announces that "Confrontation" or "dispersement" of peaceful gatherings and demonstrations is a direct violation of constitutional rights, "No matter who orders it."

ABC reporter jim sciutto's twitblog

Civics for Slackers <- Links provided by chibirhm
Iran Election Updates
News Briefs from Junes 28, 2009
Iran Election <- To explain what is going on
Iran News blog

Live Blogs on Iran Protests

Bistoon <- Live from Tehran UPDATES

Nico's Pitney's live blog on HuffPo The most excellent live blog out there. Has an absolute ton of information dating back the very first day. Filled with pictures and vids.
Nico's Iran Page (it seems he deleted off the info from July 7th but it can be found here)
July 9, 2009
July 8th | July 7th | July 6th | July 5th | July 3rd | July 2nd | July 1st | June 30th | June 29th | June 28th | June 27th | June 26th | June 25th | June 24th | June 22nd | June 21st | June 20th pt 2 | June 20th pt 1 | June 19th | June 18th | June 17th | June 16th | June 15th
Andrew Sullivan's blog <- Political blog but he has a lot of coverage on iran.
EnduringAmrica blog <- Political but they have a lot of coverage (they are also sharing tips with NiteOwl (I forgot them earlier...my bad)
New York Times, The Lede: Iran Live Blog

NiteOwl's Green Briefs <- Anonymous teamed up The Pirate Bay (before they sold out) to provide logistical help to the Iranians in a safe anonymous forum - the vids of Anonymous declaring 'war' on Iranian govt are interesting to watch. NiteOwl's Green Briefs are compilations of news reports straight from Iranians.
#22 (July 8)
#21 (July 7) | #20 (July 6) | #18-#19 (July 4-5) (NiteOwl's net didn't let him access the archives of twitter (?) so it's late) | #17 (July 3) | #16 (July 2) | #15 (July 1) | #14 (June 30) | #13 (June29) | #12 (June 28) | #11 (June 27) | #10 (June 26th) | #9 (June 25) | #8 (June 24) | #7 (June 23) | #6 (June 22) | #5 (June 21) | #4 (June 20 | #3 (June 19) | #2 (June 18) | #1 (June 17)

Newspaper Reports

Tehran Bereau
Reformist Strategist: Saeed Hajjarian (July 8, 2009 - MUHAMMAD SAHIMI)

Jerusalem Post
I Screamed: How dare you grab my girls

Press TV
Israeli talk of attack on Iran 'vain' threat(July 9, 2009)

Iran won't back down "one step" in atom row (July 9, 2009)
Iran: Five Iranians held by US handed over to Iraq (July 9, 2009)
Envoy meets French teacher detained in Iran-diplomat (July 9, 2009)
July 8, 2009)

Wall Street Journal
The Dumbing Down of Democracy (July 9, 2009 - DANIEL HENNINGER)
It Isn't 'Meddling' to Stand for Democracy and Rights (July 9, 2009 - Assadollah Nasre Esfahani
A Troubling START: The Chinese and Iranians must like what they see; not so Japan. (July 9, 2009)
G-8 Voices Concern Over Iran Actions (July 9, 2009 - JONATHAN WEISMAN)
Iran Opposition Finds New Ways to Protest (July 8, 2009 – Farnaz Fassihi)
US Military Chief Warns of Rising Nuclear Threat (July 8, 2009 – Yochi J Dreazen)

ABC News <- Australia
The Rebellion Network (July 7, 2009 - Eric Campbell)

</b> In Iran, New Demonstrations Bring New Violence (July 9, 2009 - Andrew Lee Butters)
Tehran: New Protests Will Be Smashed (July 9, 2009 – Nasser Karimi)
Obama: Getting Down to the Hard Choices (July 9, 2009 – Joe Klein)

New York Times
</b> Iran Security Moves to Crush New Protests in Tehran (July 9, 2009 - MICHAEL SLACKMAN and ALAN COWELL)
It was the first protest in 11 days, and was called to commemorate the 10th anniversary of violent confrontations at Tehran University when protesting students were beaten and jailed. Iranian authorities had announced earlier that the demonstration was illegal and would be met with a “crushing response.”

But at the end of the work day, hundreds of protesters began packing the streets of one area of Tehran, chanting, clapping and sitting in jammed traffic as drivers honked their horns, witnesses said. Families brought their children. Many held a hand in the air in the defiant V for victory.

The security forces quickly moved in.

Iran Warns Foes of ‘Crushing Response’ to Protests (July 9, 2009 - MICHAEL SLACKMAN and ALAN COWELL)
Obama's Big Missile Test (July 9, 2009 - PHILIP TAUBMAN)
A Peek in Iran: Protests Fade Under Withering Gaze (July 8, 2009 – Sam Dagher)
Iran Releases Protesters, but Still Holds 500 (July 8, 2009 – Michael Slackman)

White House: Brazil Should Press Iran on Nukes (July 9, 2009)

Los Angeles Times
LA Times Iran Election Page
Violent clashes erupt between Iranian protesters and security forces (July 9, 2009 - Ramin Mostaghim and Borzou Daragahi)
Blog: Iran: A Defector from the Hardline Camp Tells His Story (July 9, 2009 – Borzou Daragahi)
Column One: Iran exile speaks out against militia he once supported (July 9, 2009 – Borzou Daragahi)
Once a lonely young man in exile, a rejuvenated Ebrahimi is now using his experience as an insider within Iran's hard-line militias to "out" members of the group.

On his well-regarded Persian-language blog, he has listed the names and phone numbers of about a dozen militia members whom he has spotted in photos and video of the demonstrations over his homeland's disputed presidential election.

One of them rang him up in a tizzy. "This is unethical," his onetime friend told him.

Ebrahimi was flabbergasted. "You're killing people," he said. "Isn't that more unethical?

Protesters, security forces gather across Iran (July 9, 2009 - Borzou Daragahi and Ramin Mostaghim )
French Iran-ophile takes unexpected trip -- to prison (July 8, 2009 - Borzou Daragahi )

The Guardian
Iran riot police fire teargas at protesters marking 1999 student riots
Demonstrators bundled into police buses as thousands of pro-Mousavi supporters take to Tehran streets
(July 9, 2009 - Ian Black)
Britain ready to negotiate Trident nuclear arsenal at talks led by Obama
Brown rules out total abandonment, but agrees to reduction in summit expected to prevent proliferation on a new scale
(July 9, 2009 - Patrick Wintour and Larry Elliott )
There are due to be talks anyway next year on a successor to the 40-year-old nuclear non-proliferation treaty. The Obama summit, likely to be held in March, will also look at the risks posed by nuclear terrorism, the safety of nuclear stockpiles and atomic smuggling. The safety of nuclear stockpiles has been made more urgent by the likely vast spread of civil nuclear power worldwide. Obama briefed his fellow G8 leaders on his plan following his summit in Moscow earlier this week.

Gordon Brown indicated that a key aim of the Obama summit may also be to discuss a new regime whereby non-nuclear weapon states, such as Iran, would be placed on a new tougher obligation to prove that they were not developing nuclear weapons. In return, non-nuclear weapon states would be given greater help with developing civil nuclear power to meet their energy needs.

He is due in the next few days to publish a plan setting out detailed British proposals on civil nuclear power, disarmament and non-proliferation, fissile material security and the role and development of the International Atomic Energy Agency.

Iran's dead and detained UPDATED
Iran Protests: "They have covered up the deaths" (July 9, 2009)

Now we are not so superstitious, but the darkness is overwhelming. There are fewer voices every night.

The authorities are tracking everybody. They are confiscating mobile phones for contact details, they are tracing computer IDs of people who used Twitter or Facebook. I have friends who have been arrested – people who had just come from Europe to work for a couple of weeks and got caught up in the violence. It is all such a mess. We haven't heard from most of them.

Prison is a question of luck. If you get arrested by the basiji and taken to a basiji centre – that's the worst. The basiji are not supposed to have centres of their own, they are meant to deliver to the prisons, but they have their own rooms – and that's the most dangerous place to be.

Then there's Evin prison. I have one cousin who was taken there for the last student uprising. There is a huge empty room where they ask you to identify protesters. If they sense you are afraid, they force you into confessing anything and identifying anybody. It's not so much what you say as the fact they debased you.

Most protesters are moved from prison to prison, so they become untraceable. Knowing the cover-up in the hospitals, I worry many protesters might be "untraceable" forever.

Iran warns of crackdown against protests marking 1999 student riots (July 9, 2009 – Ian Black)
Fly Beats Ahmadinejad (July 9, 2009)
Malia Obama's T-shirt does the talking at G8 summit in Italy (July 9, 2009 – Sam Jones)

Protesters in Iran met with tear gas, batons (July 9, 2009 - Reza Sayah and Moni Basu)
Iranian forces disperse protesters with batons, tear gas (July 9, 2009)
Protests in Iran on key anniversary (July 9, 2009)
Iranian authorities vow to quell protests on key anniversary (July 9, 2009)
'United for Neda' is artists' song for Iranian people (July 9, 2009 - Azadeh Ansari)
U.S. reportedly frees Iranian diplomats (July 9, 2009)

Al-Ahram Weekly
Popular will vs Western conspiracy (July 2-8, 2009 - Mustafa El-Labbad)

Times Online
It is not just democracy that is illegal in Iran:
We must not allow our focus on the current protests to blind us to the state persecution of Iran’s religious minorities
(July 9, 2009 - Cherie Blair) Bahai <- provided by bluetooth16
There is nothing secret about Iran’s systematic ill treatment of the Baha’i — a campaign that has worsened under President Ahmadinejad. The UK, European Union, US Congress, Canadian Senate, Australian Parliament and a range of leading non-governmental organisations have all monitored and condemned their mistreatment. The European Parliament condemned earlier this year the harassment of Dr Ebadi and the closure of her offices, and urged the release of the seven Baha’i leaders, who, it is believed, were imprisoned “solely on the basis of their belief’.

From within Iran, too, students and academics, artists and poets, political and social progressives have also bravely spoken up for the beleaguered Baha’i community. They, in turn, are now feeling the brunt of the state’s anger.

However, we must make sure that our understandable focus on the pro-democracy protests and their bloody suppression does not cause us to overlook the threat to the country’s largest non-Muslim religious minority. It is at times such as these that the Iranian authorities historically have heaped blame on the Baha’i population.

A fortnight ago, Iran’s Foreign Minister, Manouchehr Mottaki, accused the British Government of supporting the “wayward Baha’i sect”. Banners have been paraded through Tehran’s streets displaying the words “BBC = Baha’i Broadcasting Company”. Today Iran’s Baha’is face a very uncertain, dangerous future

The Washington Post
Iranian Police Disperse Protesters on Anniversary of Unrest (July 9, 2009 - Thomas Erdbrink and Debbi Wilgoren)

BBC Persia
The Clashes Occurred Around Tehran University (July 9, 2009) <- Looks like google's Persian translations are getting better

Huffington Post
Exhibit A: Word From Iran (July 9, 2009 - Melody Moezzi)
Today is the Anniversary of the 1999 Iran Protest (July 9, 2009 - Shirin Sadeghi</a>


Nico Pitney Interview with Juan Cole on Iran Elections

United for Neda

Mohsen Namjoo - Dah-e-Shast (The Eighties)

I am Neda

I debated upon putting this post out so early. Since I didn't want it to get buried under all the others but considering the time it is now and what day today is…I do not think it can wait any longer.

I have to be honest. I have tears in my eyes writing this right now because I am very worried about some people in Iran. I don't know them very well, I just know them from their tweets, from the messages I have been retweeting. On my twitter home page, I received several goodbye messages. It is hard for me to read them thousands of miles away from them safe in my home. It is hard to know that what these people are fighting and dying for is something that we take for granted. I don't even think this past historic election reached an 85% voter turnout in our own nation. It is incredible how they came out in droves, hope beating and burning in their chests as they cast their votes. It is not hard to imagine the rage that quickly filled that hope when Ahmedi was announced the winner only hours later.

I admire these people with the whole of my being. They are enormously brave. Yet, it breaks my heart, for I want to be there with them. I want to walk side by side with them shouting out their messages and protect them when the basij come for them. There are no protests taking place in my area. The nearest one is in Austin, three hours away. I am unable to vent this helplessness I feel that burns through my heart. So I write up these little news briefs to keep others informed and to help spread the message of what these people are going through.
An anonymous person was complaining on the iran.whyweprotest forum about the Green Briefs and asking how it can possibly help the Iranians, especially, since there isn't a Farsi translation and it is being run by 4chan people. I re-read the goodbye message:
I may not tweet tomorrow! in case I get caught or killed! God bless you guys, you been our only hope during these though days #IranElection

And I replied:
I'm not a 4chan person either. I was led here from another live blog that informed that TPB and Anonymous had teamed up to help provide logistical support. I've been 'involved' since Saturday the 14th.

I'm not tech smart enough to help on the tech side. I'm a nobody on the internets so I don't have any clout, but I'm trying best to provide moral support to the people out there fighting for their rights at the risk of their lives. It breaks your heart to read someone's tweet or blog and say their goodbyes because they are going out to protest and they might die and there is nothing you can do but 'watch' from thousands of miles away. The only thing I can do is keep informed of what is going on, combine the information I'm getting from these briefs, the live blogs, tweets, newspapers and other sources and keep my friends informed of what is going on.

Our pictures and videos help boost their moral support. As long as we can believe in them and pray for them they believe they can continue on. It means the world to them that think that world's away there are people who care enough to make music tribute vids of their protests and who participate in their own protests of support for them.

Anything is better than nothing and our anything has helped keep this movement alive. Without Twitter, FB, Austin Heap, Anonymous and others this movement would have died out weeks ago. And NiteOwl's briefs are the most comprehensive information I've come across from Iran. It's not perfect, nothing is, but it is getting better and more efficient.

Today is 18 of Tir.
And god I hope my friends, brothers and sisters in the human spirit, come back alive.

What little we are doing, spreading the messages, making vids and slideshows of pictures, we are helping them! Every bit counts. Every tiny bit of news of what we are doing, how many of us are doing it, it reaches their ears and it helps fuel the call for freedom in them. We are helping them!

The 18th of Tir is anniversary of when a student revolt took place ten years ago. For six days protests took place and it was until this election crisis the most disruptive incident in the Iranian Republic's history. It is important to note that there are STILL students who captured in the protests that are being held in Evin. Bloodshed will be split today. Ahmedi and his goons and the Republican Guards who are running this nation, they will not relent, they will not give up their power and they will do everything in their power to stomp out this movement, this Sea of Green.

It is 3:23am central daylight savings time as I write this, Iran is nine and a half hours ahead of me making it Noon. The sky is clear, the sandstorm is gone and now the people will take to the streets.

I have always felt that the sister religions had more in common than apart, our God is Abraham's God and Allaho Akbar is God is Great. How I pray today that God will protect his people today as they have been screaming out his name for weeks.
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