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Bush wiretap program

Despite the Bush administration's insistence that its warrantless eavesdropping program was necessary to protect the country from another terrorist attack, FBI agents, CIA analysts and other officials had difficulty evaluating its effectiveness, according to an unclassified government report made public Friday.

The report, written by inspectors general from the CIA, Pentagon, Justice Department, National Security Agency and the Office of Director of National Intelligence, also faulted the Bush White House for its secretive handling of the program.

Bush officials so restricted access to information about the program that Justice Department officials couldn't properly monitor it - or even judge its legality, the inspectors general concluded.

The 38-page report is an unclassified version of a much longer document, hundreds of pages of which remain secret.


Well, duh, how does the Justice Department 'evaluate' something that they aren't allowed to see? So we'll never know if: (1) it was legal, (2) saved us from another attack, (3) is still ongoing, (4) found YOUR mother guilty of raising a terrorist, or (5) has a really cool super secret handshake for members only.

After contacting the good folks at the George W. Bush Presidential Library, they suggested I try this website:

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