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Labor Union: I got an offer for you...

Union Demands TV Station Yank “Dr. Evil” Lobbyist’s Ad Depicting Labor Chiefs As Mob Goons

A top union is demanding that an Arkansas TV station yank a new ad being run by the “Dr. Evil” of pro-business lobbyists that depicts workers as mobbed up goons to turn Senator Blanche Lincoln against the Employee Free Choice Act, labor’s top priority.

You really have to watch this spot. It’s paid for by the anti-EFCA group Employee Freedom Action Committee, which is headed by notorious lobbyist Rick Berman. He’s been called everything from “sleazy” to “Dr. Evil” by foes, and this ad won’t make him more popular:

In the spot, which also targets Senator Mark Pryor, an employee is asking his boss for a raise when mobbed-up, gold-chain-wearing union goons crash the meeting and threaten to strike if the employee doesn’t get lots of new benefits that even the employee protests he doesn’t want. The message: EFCA, by making it easier to unionize, will deprive workers of their rights and let union bosses set their agenda.

The Service Employees International Union sends over a letter they’ve sent to Arkansas’ KTHV-TV demanding that the station yank the ad, claiming a whole list of falsehoods.

What’s interesting here is that “Dr. Evil” Berman — a longtime pro-business lobbyist who is one of the leading foes of EFCA and many other labor-backed measures — is vying for the title of the labor movement’s Public Enemy Number One. So if the SEIU knocks his ad off the air in a state that’s home to Lincoln, a key centrist Dem who is being heavily lobbied by both sides, it’ll be a significant victory.

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