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Live Thread For Sotomayor Hearings

I know this has been going on for a few hours, but I looked through the comm and saw we had no live thread for it. Also, this will be the live thread for the entire hearings...not just today.

Discuss here.

Graham says she'a in unless she has a meltdown. - thanks mylaptopisevil

HuffPo Sotomayor page Thank you akuma_river

one of the asshats arrested yesterday was "Jane Roe" from Roe v Wade.

Norma McCorvey, 61, of Texas, better known as "Jane Roe," began screaming that Sotomayor was "wrong" about abortion during the opening statement of the newest member of the Senate, Al Franken, D-Minn. Thank you akuma_river

Covering it:
a live blog that will answer questions during it - thanks winniechili
HuffPo live blog on it Thank you akuma_river

Video of stuff for those who missed stuff:
7/13/09 - Al Fraken address Sotomayor - Durbin briefly gets interrupted by a protesting asshat - Graham addressing Sotomayor on 7/13/09 - Protesting Asshat getting tossed out - Sessions: "politics have no place in courtroom"
7/14/09 - Huffo has videos. Thank you akuma_river - Graham addressing Sotomayor on 7/14/09 - Sotomayor on Roe vs. Wade - Sotomayor on being a "neutral empire" - Sotomayor on Affirmative Action - Sotomayor responds to doubts on her impartiality - Sotomayor responds to her "wise Latino" comment controversy - Protesting Asshat gets thrown out. Thank you akuma_river
7/15/09 - Huffo has videos for day three. Thank you akuma_river

Sorry for just links...MSNBC's site won't allow embedding or something
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