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The once and future Boy King of the Religious Right

Reed starting ‘hipper’ Christian Coalition.

After years of scandals and political defeats, it appears Ralph Reed is going to try for a political comeback. Reed is creating a new advocacy group called the Faith and Freedom Coalition, reports the Atlanta Journal Constitution. The latest venture, Reed says, will focus on “finding and training the next generation of conservative leaders, volunteers and activists” and serve as a Christian Coalition 2.0 for conservative voters of faith:
“This is not going to be your daddy’s Christian Coalition,” Reed said in an interview to describe his new venture, the Faith and Freedom Coalition. “It has to be younger, hipper, less strident, more inclusive and it has to harness the 21st century that will enable us to win in the future.” [...]

“Even though I’ve been doing other things, this is kind of like Steve Jobs returning to Apple,” Reed said.
In 1997, Reed was forced to leave the Christian Coalition “as the Federal Election Commission was investigating whether it violated campaign finance rules. By 1999, the IRS had revoked the Coalition’s tax-exempt status for taking partisan stands in elections.” (HT: Taegan Goddard)


I knew he was going to make a comeback but it's still fucking scary. Ralph Reed looks like a cross between diseased slime and that creepy kid from The Omen. Here is your theme music for this post:

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