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Bestiality cartoon causes controversy

Polish Zoophilia Cartoon Spoofing Homosexual “Marriage” as First Step to Extraspecies “Marriage” Lambasted by Pro-Homosexual Groups

Satirists wade into the fray with tongue-in-cheek letters to the editor

POLAND, June 19, 2009 ( – The Polish newspaper "Rzeczpospolita", a major conservative Polish daily, has caused a commotion among homosexualist groups in the country by running a cartoon in its paper edition on Monday, June 15. The cartoon shows two men getting “married” in the background, while in the foreground a man tells a goat, “We'll just wait until these two gentlemen get married and then it's our turn.”

“We were used to the homophobia of your paper, but this time the border of rudeness has been crossed,” said, a homosexualist website in a letter to the editor of Rzeczpospolita. “We demand an apology on the pages of your paper. We have our dignity and we also deserve respect.”

The letter also threatens Rzeczpospolita with lawsuits, saying, “Let us remind you that in 2006, at a court in Poznañ, four lesbians forced city council members to apologize for comparing homosexuality to zoophilia.”

The cartoon was drawn by Andrzej Krauze, a Polish cartoonist living in the UK. Upon learning of the threats from the pro-homosexual groups, he laughed, saying, “This only proves that the cartoon message was correct and that I was able to represent the whole absurdity of so-called civil unions.”

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