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July 14, 2009 Update

Blame the Sonia Sotomayor confirmation hearing for the lateness and thinness of this report.

Btw, Today's Nico report is under yesterday's link. He didn't open a new post and just used the last one.

Toronto July 11, 2009

July 13, 2009 post | July 12, 2009 post | July 11, 2009 post | July 10, 2009 post | July 9, 2009 posts | July 8, 2009 post | July 7, 2009 post | July 6, 2009 post | July 5, 2009 post | July 4, 2009 post


Iranian Leftists Report of a female protester 'possibly' gang raped and murdered

Demotix <- The mighty photojournalism site Iran election page pictures of demostrations outside Iranian embassy in London

Mightier Than

ABC reporter jim sciutto's twitblog

LA Times – Babylon & Beyond First images to emerge of July 9, 2009 protests large crowd gets dispersed by teargass on July 9, 2009 protests

iran.whyweprotest.net 18 Tir / 9 July forum thread <- lots of vids and first hand account by a protester in Iran

goftaniha.org Ex-Basij Founder's Blog being used to ID Basij – in Farsi

Ayatollah Watch <- Information on Ayatollahs

Ahmedi's takeover has been planned since 2004

Out the Basij

ID the Basiji

twit blog about how another Ayatollah has gone against the regime

Lara Setrakian - ABC News reporter's blog TEHRAN UNREST: "IT WAS NOTHING LESS THAN WAR. PRAY FOR US."

National Iranian American Council's Blog July 9, 2009 protest coverage <- vids and pics

NY Times – The Lede Blog July 9, 2009 protest coverage | Young election protester buried in Tehran <- a new Martyr

PERSIA.ORG "Struggle for a Free Iran" <- Has dedicated their front page to information on those who have been killed and detained
Iran Negah "Ezclusive views into Iranian politics & society"

University of Texas - Austin "Power of Protest: University experts condemn violence, but urge diplomacy toward Iran"

Retweeters to watch
@LaraABCNews <- Reporter out of Dubai who's been in contact with Iranians
@Pray4FreeIran <- retweeter who spreads messages about Iran
@AustinHeap <- The genius behind ProxyHeap and Haystack (says that Node 1 is a go?)
@StopAdmedi <- twitter account for Mousavi supporters
@nicopitney <- I didn't know he had a twitter account
@Iran_Translator <- NiteOwl
@bistoon <- IRGC already actively hunt him b/c of student revolt in 1999 so I can rec him
@IranAnon <- Yes it is the Iranian Anonymous crowd

Useful Resources

News: NIAC Insight | Kodoom
Translations: Google Translate | TehranBroadcast.com | Translate4Iran
Helping Iranians use the web: Haystack | Tor Project (English & Farsi) | IranHelp.org (Farsi) Demonstrations: Facebook | sharearchy | WhyWeProtest
Activism: Avaaz.org | National Iranian American Council

Mousavi's main website | Mousavi's backup/English | Mousavi's FB
Haystack's how you can help digg page
Haystack <- The all powerful proxy (still in testing) Want to help? Don't know anything techwise? Then donate some cash and keep this revolution going, you may just save someone(s) life! Haystack is needing donations! Donate Here.

Protest Advice
Brainstorm Ideas
Torrent/dl list of videos showing police brutality in Iran
Blog that has links to LA Protest that 35-50,000 people turn out
the pictures

Want to know how the power check system in Iran works? The Wall Street Journal has an excellent graph.
Bearing Witness In Iran Weighs Heavily On Cohen: Roger Cohen on NPR
Voice of the Voiceless
YekIran <- Worldwide Protest Map
Wiki on 18th Tir Protests 1999
Wiki of Iranian Election Protests
Reporters Without Borders <- List of how many reporters are in prison in Iran

Sea of Green Radio <-an 'anon' Iran blog twitter radionomy anonymous Sea of Green radio
Eng Trans of Mousavi FB that has protest instructions and routes

Mightier Than Iran: The Rooftop Project <- Site trying to find vids of the roof top shoutings for every single night since the protests began.
Iran News <- One Stop Source
for News/YouTube/Blog/Political Cartoon links about Iran's Election and the aftermath (massive library of information)
The Guardian's list of dead and detained
Voice of America News
Iran 360 <- Photojournalism site
Slate's stash of Iran political cartoons
Green cd hour long video from Iran <- Split up into nine parts on iran.whyweprotest.net

Where is My Vote.org <- List or/way of organizing world wide protests
Iran Human Rights
Human Rights Activists In Iran The Latest Update on the Detainees of July 9 and a List of 90 Confirmed in Prison
fivethirtyeight.com: Iran <- Nate Silver "the guru of statistics" input on the validity of the Iranian election outcome
Google News: Iran Election – 30, 700 articles in the past month

Live Blogs on Iran

Revolutionary Road... <- Live from Tehran UPDATES

Andrew Sullivan's blog <- Political blog but he has a lot of coverage on iran. Andrew Sullivan's blog "Iran Erupts Again" Counter Targeting the Protesters Abbas Kiarostami's "10" <- Andrew Sullivan has a feature of exhibiting artists and music

Enduring America blog

Nico's Pitney's live blog on HuffPo The most excellent live blog out there. Has an absolute ton of information dating back the very first day. Filled with pictures and vids.
Nico's Iran Page (it seems he deleted off the info from July 7th but it can be found here)
Nico moved offices on Friday...I don't think there's a Saturday update
July 13, 2009
July 10, 2009 | July 9, 2009 | July 8th | July 7th | July 6th | July 5th | July 3rd | July 2nd | July 1st | June 30th | June 29th | June 28th | June 27th | June 26th | June 25th | June 24th | June 22nd | June 21st | June 20th pt 2 | June 20th pt 1 | June 19th | June 18th | June 17th | June 16th | June 15th

NiteOwl's Green Briefs <- Anonymous teamed up The Pirate Bay (before they sold out) to provide logistical help to the Iranians in a safe anonymous forum - the vids of Anonymous declaring 'war' on Iranian govt are interesting to watch. NiteOwl's Green Briefs are compilations of news reports straight from Iranians.

#27 (July 13)
#26 (July 12) | #25 (July 11) | #24 (July 10) | #23 (July 9) | #22 (July 8) | #21 (July 7) | #20 (July 6) | #18-#19 (July 4-5) (NiteOwl's net didn't let him access the archives of twitter (?) so it's late) | #17 (July 3) | #16 (July 2) | #15 (July 1) | #14 (June 30) | #13 (June29) | #12 (June 28) | #11 (June 27) | #10 (June 26th) | #9 (June 25) | #8 (June 24) | #7 (June 23) | #6 (June 22) | #5 (June 21) | #4 (June 20 | #3 (June 19) | #2 (June 18) | #1 (June 17)

Newspaper Articles

iran.whyweprotest.net: Iran hangs 14 'members' of rebel Muslim group <- In the comments one of the anons comes out with information that they are hanging these people with one or two confirmed Jundallah members but that the rest are 'confessed' or 'never confessed' to being one of them. Basically they are hanging innocent men who the govt thinks belongs to this group and if the family speaks out they are beaten upon. Also, the Basiji openly recruits mentally retarded individuals and gives them guns, here is one such individual, he has Down Syndrome. The executions usually take place in a public area and they hang the people from cranes. I'm sure you've run across a few scenes in some of the vids I had up earlier that had that. In the past two weeks they have hung about 30 people who have been in prison for years.
Am I the only one who thinks it is suspicious that all of the sudden, in the span of a week and half, they start executing dozens of Jundallah for things that happened years ago? Where have these Jundallah fighters been the past two years?

Their prisons are full, and they need more room, so they are executing the protesters they have not beaten into submission and claiming they are in Jundullah, throwing one or two real Jundallah fighters in each execution to make it look a little more ligit.

This one is public, in a park. Someone needs to record the faces of the people they hang, so others can verify who they really are. What is in the Iranian news is all lies and propaganda. We need to know the truth! This bullshit has to stop.

An interesting look into how China's revolution will not be treated <- It seems that the stigma against the Uighurs is nationwide…and they have Jim Crow laws in relation to Han/Uighur ethnicity

Wall Street Journal
Inside Iranian Crackdown (July 11, 2009 – Farnaz Fassihi) <- Basiji gets dumped by fiancé for being basiji beating upon protesters

Basij members organized to support riot police and other security officials across Tehran. Some Basij members infiltrated the opposition demonstrations, according to eyewitnesses.

Protesters, most of them young, fought back. "You saw young people on both sides mobilizing with vengeance and willing to kill," said Issa Saharkheez, a political analyst in Tehran, in an interview shortly after the election. Mr. Saharkheez was subsequently arrested in detentions that followed the unrest.

At the height of the street battles, in Sadaat Abad, a middle-class neighborhood in east Tehran, young men and women organized themselves into an unofficial militia to fight the Basij, with a "commander" taking responsibility for each street. Every afternoon, they would meet to prepare for the evening's expected battle, according to a 25-year-old student who was involved with the group.

They collected rocks, tiles and bricks from construction sites and spilled oil on the roads, an attempt to sideline the Basij's motorcycles. When a Basij rider would go down, the young men would beat him, according to the student. Women stood back, screaming "Death to the Dictator" and stoking bonfires in the street. Older supporters remained indoors, throwing ashtrays, vases and other household items from their balconies and windows onto the Basij motorcycle riders below.

"There was a war going on here every night," the student says. "We are not going to stand and let them beat us."

At the end of the first week of protests, Mr. Khamenei, the Supreme Leader, led Friday prayers and endorsed Mr. Ahmadinejad's victory. He ordered all demonstrators off the streets.

A few hours after Mr. Khamenei's sermon, Mr. Moradani got a call at home. The local Basij headquarters was holding an emergency meeting. About four hundred members showed up.

A top Basij commander briefed them on the riots and their responsibilities going forward. He called protesters "havoc makers" and accused them of having ties to Western countries aiming to sow chaos in Iran. The commander said the protests were no longer a matter of election unrest, but had become a serious, national-security threat.

"It is now everyone's Islamic and revolutionary duty to crush these antirevolutionary forces," Hossam Gholami, the 27-year-old chief of Shahr Rey Basij, told members, he recalled in a telephone interview this week. "You are not dealing with ordinary people. They are our enemy," he said he told them.

The Guardian
Can Syria end the Arab cold war? (July 14, 2009 – Chris Phillips)

So why is Saudi, arguably the bitterest of Syria's Arab rivals, extending a hand to end this cold conflict now? Riyadh has three priorities that promote reconciliation with Damascus. Firstly, it wishes to contain Syria's close ally, Iran, and particularly fears its nuclear programme. The Sunday Times recently reported a green light from Riyadh for an Israeli attack on Iran through Saudi airspace. Though this has not been confirmed, it is fair to say Riyadh would shed no tears over an Israeli strike. However, it would fear a domestic backlash should Hezbollah and Syria retaliate against Israel, and prying Assad from Ahmadinejad's embrace seems the best way to avoid this. The uncertainty in Tehran following the recent post-election protests has catalysed Saudi's renewed effort to detach Syria from Iran.

Iranian consumers boycott Nokia for 'collaboration' (July 14, 2009 – Saeed Kamali Dehghan)
Letters: Leave Iran to shape its own destiny (July 15, 2009)
The Press TV Pantomime (July 13, 2009 – Seth Freedman)
Iranian Shiism's two faces (July 13, 2009 – Peter Beaumont)
Iran hangs members of Sunni rebel group (July 14, 2009 – AP)
Press TV speaks for itself (July 14, 2009 – Roshan Muhammed Salih)
Inside Twitter HQ (July 15, 2009 – Bobbie Johnson)

US News
Statistical Tests Suggestive of Fraud in Iran's Election (July 14, 2009 – Julie Rehmeyer)

Iran Focus
Famous Iran singer gets five year jail term sentence in-absentia Link to vid of the songs

Huffington Post
Iran it's not about us (July 13, 2009 – Adam Elkus)
Iranians worldwide roll out green scroll against Ahmadinejad (July 13, 2009 – Diane Tucker)

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