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Brüno's too gay for Ukraine

"KIEV (Reuters) - Ukraine has banned "Bruno," Sacha Baron Cohen's comedy about a gay Austrian fashion reporter, objecting to its scenes of nudity and homosexual sex, the culture ministry said on Wednesday.

The ex-Soviet state, where conservative views on homosexuality still prevail, had already banned "Borat," Cohen's previous satire aimed at demasking bigotry and anti-Semitism in the United States.

A culture ministry commission concluded "Bruno" included an "artistically unjustified exhibition of sexual organs and sexual relations, homosexual acts in a blatantly graphic form, obscene language, sadism, anti-social behavior which could damage the moral upbringing of our citizens."

Cohen's new incarnation travels to the United States to fulfill his dream of being "the biggest Austrian superstar since Hitler."

Lines like that, as well as his explicit sexuality, gay sex scenes and nudity have shocked some.

But it has proven popular in the United States and Britain, where it reached the top of the box offices."

Sauce: http://www.reuters.com/article/entertainmentNews/idUSTRE56E49120090715


I just laughed at lines like "the biggest Austrian superstar since Hitler". It's comedy. Who cares? That's probably their way of putting some of the blame on something other than homophobia. Nono, we're not banning it because we hate gays, because we uhm.. because he made a Hitler joke. Of course.
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