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Zell Miller: Obama Needs To Sit In 'Gorilla Glue' And Stay Put

Zell Miller is back, and as edgy as ever.

The former Georgia governor and U.S. senator, who has kept out of the limelight these last couple years, today put in an appearance at a meeting of the Republican-oriented American Legislative Exchange Council in downtown Atlanta.

My AJC colleague Aaron Gould Sheinin was there, and posted a full account on Gold Dome Live. Here’s the part that will resonate:

Miller said [President Barack] Obama’s decision to try and close the Guantanamo Bay prison where suspected terrorists and enemy combatants are held, is “nuts.”

“This strange Obama sense of justice penalizes our civilians’ with their loss of freedom while rewarding the terrorists with new rights they never had before,” Miller said.

Obama, “our globe-trotting president,” Miller said, “needs to stop and take a break and quit gallivanting all around. I think [chief of staff] Rahm Emanuel ought to get some Gorilla Glue and put it in that chair in the Oval Office and say ‘Sit here awhile.’”

Oh, Zell. How we’ve missed you.


Stay classy there, Zell....ugh!

Btw, speaking of Obama and race, did you all see his amazing speech at the NAACP tonight?  If not, watch it HERE.  He was on FIRE!!

Tags: barack obama, batshit, georgia (the state)

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