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Pat Buchanan Has A Near Aneurysm On Air Over Affirmative Action

Thanks for your patience and thanks to schmiss for providing the vid.Here's the link to the video on MSNBC as well.

I honestly still haven't quite wrapped my head around this yet. Pat Buchanan essentially lost his mind on air over Sonia Sotomayor and Affirmative Action on the Rachel Maddow Show tonight. Not to straw man his arguments, but Sotomayor is essentially an unqualified, affirmative action train wreck and white men are being actively persecuted. Rachel also needs a lecture on the plight of working class Americans and Pat's going to make sure she gets it. Oh, and America was built by white people. (I'm sorry white people, btw. I didn't know I was persecuting you so much. Welcome to disenfranchisement! *joke btw*) I imagine we'll be seeing the fallout from this racist rant over the next few days.

Oh, and the racial breakdown of the U.S. in the 1960s: 90% white and 10% black. There was no one else in this country outside of those percentages.

Tags: pat buchanan, race / racism, rachel maddow

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