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Orly Taitz: Worst Person in the World

From MSNBC's Countdown on Wednesday night:

But our winner, Obama birther and general nut bag Orley Tates (ph), who has now gotten another Obama birther person fired.  We told you yesterday that Stefan Frederick Cook (ph), major, US Army Reserves, had his attorney, Tates, sue to get him out of assignment to Afghanistan.  The claim was Obama‘s not really the president, so he couldn‘t really order anybody to serve anywhere. 

One thing Ms. Tates never mentioned in publicizing the suit, Cook had volunteered for service in Afghanistan, and then sued to stop it.  But as a volunteer, he could simply change his mind and the Army could not send him there.  Meaning, the suit was a transparent political stunt. 

The Army has already vacated Cook‘s orders.  He‘s not going to Afghanistan.  But what this dim bulb Tates, and what increasingly looks like her sap of a victim Cook did not consider was in civilian life, Cook is a systems engineer for a Pentagon contractor.  Naturally enough, the Army, sued by a guy, has the right to say he is not welcome at Department of Defense facilities, which is exactly where Cook was working.  Not anymore. 

Major Cook, by now you must have gotten the hint that this obsession with a birth certificate already endorsed by one of your own whack job sites, World Net Daily, is clouding your judgment.  It has become increasingly poor cover for your real issue with the Obama presidency.  Steer out of the skid.  See if you can give that advice to, if after costing you your job she hasn‘t gone into hiding, Orley Tates, tonight‘s worst person in the world!


Oh, and btw his court case was thrown out Thursday.....pretty much what I think most figured was going to happen.

Good luck finding a new job, Major Mr. Nimrod.
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