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Marion Barry: The Homo's Out To Get Me!!!!111


Washington, D.C. City Councilman Marion Barry is accusing his openly gay colleague, David Catania, of targeting him on unrelated ethics questions because Barry refused to support a measure that resulted in the District government recognizing legally-married same-sex couples, according to report by a local FOX News affiliate.

Barry, a longtime supporter of LGBT rights in D.C., has cited discord between the LGBT community and African-American religious leaders for his current stance on marriage equality.  New ethics questions have surfaced about Barry’s role in administering grant money authorized by the city council.

Catania, who spearheaded the measure to recognize married same-sex couples under D.C. law, has said he will now work to bring full marriage equality to the District.

U.S. Rep. Jason Chaffertz (R-UT) has introduced legislation in Congress to block D.C.’s efforts to recognize legally married same-sex couples, but the bill is not expected to be considered in the House.

Tags: lgbtq / gender & sexual minorities, washington d.c.
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