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‘The Colbert Report’ interested in Des Moines Social Club and 2 a.m. dance ordinance

By Sophia Ahmad • • July 17, 2009

“The Colbert Report,” the Comedy Central satirical newscast hosted by political comedian Stephen Colbert, heard about Des Moines’ dancing in the dark troubles and wants to do something about it.

Des Moines Social Club executive director Zach Mannheimer received an e-mail from a “Colbert Report” producer interested in shooting a segment in Des Moines about the city’s ban against dancing after 2 a.m. and the Social Club’s ties to the ordinance, according to Des Moines Social Club marketing director Jessica Miller.

The Des Moines Social Club got caught in the spotlight when it tried to host a dance that was planned to go beyond 2 a.m. The event got canceled.

“The story was mentioned on “(Late Night With) Jimmy Fallon” and Anderson Cooper,” Miller said.

That's so awesome. XD
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