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July 25th, 2009. Most cities over the world are having another rally in support for the people of Iran. Check facebook for a event page in your city. It's been a while and that is why this is being done, one last time to show our support, and put pressure on our own world leaders to put pressure on the iranian government to release political prisoners and condemn the government's actions.

News out of Iran has been slow but as a fellow Iranian talking, trust me protesting is still going on. Especially at nights on rooftops, but less numbers on the streets because of the crackdown. Regardless, this is the start of a revolution and that is what truly matters. Revolutions take time but they work more efficiently when the people are united and know the world is behind them.

Spread the word (via facebook, twitter or just in person) and it would be great if you attend. I want to thank ontd_political for being so supportive and behind this issue every step of the way :)
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