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OMG, WUT?? BEARS get thier own summit but GUN VIOLENCE doesn't?

BEARS are important too!....(Arizona News)

A special summit on bears is planned for Monday night at the Prescott Valley Civic Center.

Game and Fish experts are scheduled to present information to the public about bears and human-wildlife conflicts.

There will be a time for questions and answers.  

State Game and Fish spokesman Zen Mocarski says the topics include why tranquilization and moving a bear is not always an option, the decision-making process for lethal removal, and those issues that often lead to human-wildlife conflicts.

Earlier this month, Game and Fish agents killed a bear in Prescott Valley after it showed no fear of humans.


Ok...even if this is only a state level summit...dont states have better things to worry about? Bears sh*t in the forest....the end. you need not know anything more.
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