Jess Idres (jesidres) wrote in ontd_political,
Jess Idres

Yeah, about that Corpse-Eating Robot....

A follow up to an article posted last week...

Rumors of Flesh Eating Robots Greatly Exaggerated

Cyclone Power Technologies has responded to a rumor that circulated last week about the firms EATR autonomous robot called EATR. EATR stands for Energetically Autonomous Tactical Robot. The project is a Phase II SBIR project that is being sponsored by DARPA.

The platform is a long range autonomous robotic platform intended to perform long-range, long-endurance mission without needing to refuel conventionally. The patent pending robotic system gets the energy it needs form biomass that it finds in the environment.

Reports surfaced last week that this biomass also included human bodies. The company says that the robot is not designed to run on dead humans and only runs on organic matter like grass, twigs, wood chips, and clippings. Desecration of human bodies is against the Geneva Conventions says the company.

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