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Gordon Liddy Struggles Embarrassingly To Defend Birther Conspiracy

Watergate conspirator and conservative radio host G. Gordon Liddy went on Hardball Thursday afternoon to address the inexplicably still-debated question over whether or not President Barack Obama was born in the United States.

The exchange was, at times, excruciating to watch as a largely catatonic Liddy struggled to explain the slew of evidence that points to Obama's U.S. citizenship. At one point, Matthews showed Liddy a certificate of live birth, which he noted was sufficient enough documentation to get a passport issued by the State Department.

"Let me see it, if you would. It's interesting that it's redacted," Liddy said, pointing to a sequence of numbers in the upper right hand corner.

Matthews then produced a copy that wasn't redacted. "What do you think now?" he asked.

There wasn't much to think about. Liddy went through the normal litany of "birther" conspiracy points, including a "sworn statement" from Obama's step-grandmother that she saw him born in Mombasa, Kenya. But for the one-time Nixon hand and current hawker of Rosland Capital gold coins, it was a painful segment at best, with Matthews sitting back and letting Liddy trip all over himself.

Video of this at the source!

Wtf is he on? He's hardly even awake/coherent!
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