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Sarkozy hospitalized after jogging scare

PARIS, France (CNN)
-- French President Nicolas Sarkozy became ill while jogging on Sunday and was taken to a hospital, according to the nation's health minister and the presidential office.
Tests were being conducted to determine the cause, said French Health Minister Roselyne Bachelot. Officials did not release his condition.

He was taken to the Val de Grace military hospital, which traditionally treats heads of state, a presidential aide told Agence France-Presse.

Sarkozy, 54, was jogging with bodyguards in the vicinity of the Park of Versailles, a TV report said.

A witness told AFP she had seen a jogger surrounded by bodyguards collapse. Sarkozy's wife, Carla Bruni, arrived at the scene on a motor scooter shortly afterwards, the witness said. Two helicopters then landed nearby before taking off again.

Sarkozy is often seen jogging or cycling with bodyguards. Earlier this month, the French president was photographed jogging through Central Park in New York during his trip to the United States.


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