iamcheryltwatty (iamcheryltweedy) wrote in ontd_political,

Colleague charged over murder of gay sailor

A man has been charged with the death of gay US sailor August Provost.

Provost, 29, of Houston, was found dead on June 30th at Camp Pendleton in Southern California. He had been shot multiple times and his body had been burned.

Petty officer Jonathan Campos of Lancaster, California, was charged yesterday in connection with the death.

Provost's family have said he complained about being harassed before he died, although the Navy says it has no evidence his death was a hate crime.

Last week, his aunt, Rose Roy, said the family had been told Provost was killed by someone who feared being outed.

She said she was not at liberty to disclose where the information had come from.

Campos, 32, is being held in custody and is co-operating, Navy officials said.


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