Chavah (chavah) wrote in ontd_political,

Update on the Protest at Pride Charlotte

This is a post-Pride update to the post last week about the thousands of protesters that were going to show up at Pride Charlotte.

The estimates range from 10,000 - 13,000 attendees for Pride Charlotte and about 500 attendees to the protest.

The protesters mostly hung out on the lawn of the church across the street from the Pride venue. A few came wandering around Pride, but mostly kept to themselves and were quiet. They wear bright red t-shirts that say "God Has a Better Way" so they are easy to recognize and avoid. Partners in Peace and the police difussed the few situations that escalated, but mostly the protesters were barely noticable. In fact, my friends who didn't know about the protest ahead of time didn't even realize they were there at first.

In short... whatever. They came but they didn't ruin a perfectly wonderful Pride celebration!!!

Some local articles and blogs:


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