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Tarryl Clark to run against Bachmann in MN-6!

Clark goes public about House race

By Lawrence Schumacher • lschumacher@stcloudtimes.com • July 30, 2009

A local politician on Wednesday officially became the third DFLer hoping to replace U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann next year.

State Sen. Tarryl Clark, DFL-St. Cloud, publicly confirmed she had filed paperwork with the Federal Election Commission allowing her to raise money and run for the 6th Congressional District seat.

Clark, 47, took a quick shot at Bachmann, R-Minn., in a video message she posted on her campaign Web site announcing her run.

"We can turn our challenges into opportunities, but we need a representative who can deliver more than just a sound bite," she said. "Rep. Bachmann's biggest accomplishments are creating controversy and generating talk-show ratings."

Clark, a lawyer and assistant Senate majority leader for the past three years, joins 2008 congressional candidate and transportation consultant Elwyn Tinklenberg of Anoka and former HealthPartners vice president and 2006 Independence Party lieutenant governor candidate Maureen Reed in seeking the DFL endorsement.

Republicans and anti-abortion rights activists immediately characterized Clark as a bad fit for the 6th District, which covers most or all of Anoka, Benton, Sherburne, Stearns, Washington and Wright counties and includes the St. Cloud area.

"From now until the election in 2010, MCCL will work tirelessly to make sure the voters know that it is Congresswoman Michele Bachmann who is willing to stand up and fight for the innocent unborn and their mothers, while Tarryl Clark supports even the most gruesome taxpayer funded abortions," said Scott Fischbach, executive director of Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life. The anti-abortion nonprofit group is politically influential in the district.

In her video message and a fundraising e-mail she sent to potential supporters, Clark said she would abide by the party's endorsement process.

"The future of those in the 6th District is too important to let party politics get in the way," she said.

Clark, who ran twice for her state Senate seat before winning a special election in 2005 and then re-election in 2006, would have to pass on running for re-election to that seat in 2010, if she wins the party endorsement in the congressional race.

Clark is a former associate DFL Party chairwoman and past executive director of the Minnesota Community Action Partnership.

She has recruited U.S. Sen. Amy Klobuchar's former deputy chief of staff, Andrea Mokros, to join her campaign as an adviser.

Clark won in a walk in 2005 (her Republican opponent did not actually LIVE IN THE REGION SHE WANTED TO REPRESENT and thus was not on the special ballot). (Sorry, that was the state House. I just love that story.) She's risen quickly to a position of power in St. Paul. I don't think the Lake Wobegon County idea will help her any, at least not with the wingnuts that comment at sctimes.

BTW, the comments of that article will fill up with people complaining about the use of the term "anti-abortion", I guarantee you.

For the truly dedicated, there was a letter to the editor about Bachmann published over the weekend. The comments to the letter will help you understand how she was elected twice.
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