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This list lacks Favs, any point it had is invalid

The Hill Reveals 2009's Most Beautiful

Venerable Capitol Hill newspaper The Hill continues an annual summer tradition this year with the release of their always anticipated "The Hill's Most Beautiful List," where fifty Capitol Hill denizens are lauded for being good-looking and willing to pose for a photo. It's probably the one time a year that people outside of Wonkistan read The Hill, but in fairness, I've blogged about this list for years and it's also the one time a year that anyone bothers to read me.

One annoying fact of life is that every year, when this list comes out, it gives wags across the country license to trot out the old "DC is Hollywood for ugly people" cliche as if they were the first person to ever think of it. It seems unfair. Your typical Hill-ite suffers from the enforcement of bland sartorial standards. The halls of power may be awash in sick amounts of money, but nobody takes you seriously if you get too glam, Lindsay Graham notwithstanding.

What makes The Hill's annual listicle is, frankly, The Hill itself. With their oddball fixations, strange beauty metaphors, and bizarre photography decisions, the keepers of this list have always been one of the main attractions. Sadly, this year's list is not nearly as bizarre as last year's was. I like to think that maybe The Hill is working hard to deprive me of material. Sounds arrogant? Maybe. But the alternative -- that our government is getting less beautiful -- is just too difficult to contemplate.

Anyway, please, do enjoy this slideshow of highlights.

Martin Heinrich is a beautiful, beautiful manCollapse )
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